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18-02-2017, 20:50:47
Wait, what do you mean it's February? Then why are the high temps expected to be in the 60s for like the next week, and we've had literally less than an inch of snow in the past couple of months then? Seriously, it should be in the 30s now, and we should have gotten like 18 inches of show so far this year.

It's almost as if Mother Nature herself saw what a massive shitshow 2016 was and decided to give us one of the best Winters ever.

18-02-2017, 23:33:09
I have flowers blooming outside. My dog misses the snow, hell I miss the snow.

The Mad Monk
19-02-2017, 00:49:01
Three cheers for global warming! :bounce:

19-02-2017, 10:21:15
Tell it to the Polar Bears.

The Mad Monk
19-02-2017, 15:08:07
I'll send them some Coke.

19-02-2017, 23:05:45
Don't bother, they have a meth lab. :bouncmsk:

19-02-2017, 23:19:38

The Mad Monk
20-02-2017, 01:05:08
THEY'RE SAVED! :bouncmsk:

20-02-2017, 15:03:56
I wish :cry:

20-02-2017, 19:45:20
Update: We broke record highs for 3 straight days over the weekend. In fact, Saturday was the 3rd highest temp ever recorded here in February. We may break the record again today ... and tomorrow ... and Wednesday as well.

Naturally, it's expect to get cold this upcoming weekend. :(

The Mad Monk
21-02-2017, 01:20:41
They're talking about 78 F in a couple days.

In February.

In Kansas.



The Mad Monk
21-02-2017, 01:21:20
I wish :cry:

You hate seals too, eh?

21-02-2017, 02:26:32
And otters, cute, cute otters.

The Mad Monk
21-02-2017, 03:17:51
...and beluga whales.

21-02-2017, 05:59:29
Baby beluga in the deep blue sea,
Swim so wild and you swim so free.
Heaven above and the sea below, And a little white whale on the go.…

21-02-2017, 15:34:30
You hate seals too, eh?

Just love bears more :heart:

24-02-2017, 02:33:43
It has been cold and rainy as fuck. My one consolation is that those bastards in Silicon Valley got it worse and are flooded out.

28-02-2017, 04:25:15
Update: There's been no measurable snow in the city of Chicago through the first two months of the year (tomorrow's weather expected to be rainy and in the 50s) for the first time in their recorded history. Records date back to 1870.

The Mad Monk
28-02-2017, 13:17:48
Baby beluga in the deep blue sea,
Swim so wild and you swim so free.
Heaven above and the sea below, And a little white whale on the go.…

Moby Dick was actually a beluga.

(Ishmael was known to exaggerate.)

(A lot.)

28-02-2017, 14:36:00
That book is my bęte noire. I can't finish it...it's too boring ;)

28-02-2017, 15:08:01
It can down in buckets yesterday. Flooding in low laying areas.

The Mad Monk
28-02-2017, 15:35:04
It's a shame you can't reload your land-subsided aquifers.

01-03-2017, 05:06:46
We've had so much rain this evening so far. Plus tornadoes to our west earlier.

01-03-2017, 16:01:07

01-03-2017, 16:12:24
Going to California,
Going to make a new start.

The Mad Monk
01-03-2017, 20:43:01
Did you get on board a westbound 747?

01-03-2017, 22:42:02
No, an east-bound 707.

03-03-2017, 22:39:13
It's a shame you can't reload your land-subsided aquifers.

They will get some recharge but the compacted ones are gone for good.

11-03-2017, 06:31:11
Late spring does not compute.

Usually we don't get snow, or in some years it will stay on the ground for a day or two. This year there was close to two months of snow on the ground. Ponds and lakes froze and every one of them seemed to have a hockey rink or ice-fishing or both. We felt a strange connection with the rest of the country. Many falls and injuries for people not used to ice. Saw a women on her hands and knees with a metal dustbin trying to shovel her walk as all the shovels were sold out.

And it goes on and on. Snow three days this week and it was sticking again on Monday and Tuesday.

That is global warming for you. Overall higher temperatures but greater randomness and extremes thrown in.

Curling has been great though. Usually the ice at our rink gets kind of crappy by mid-February. We are now into the playoffs and the ice is still high quality as it is still easy to keep the building sufficiently cold.

11-03-2017, 15:17:25
Two weeks ago it was 80F. Today it's 20 and four inches of snow with a big storm on the way. I haven't worn my winter coat even once this winter.

11-03-2017, 21:19:23
Still no snow here, but it's actually been cold the last couple of days. I can't remember the last time we stayed below freezing for a high temp.

11-03-2017, 21:47:14
But of course there is no such thing as climate change! Just ask those in charge ;)

12-03-2017, 12:19:39
They do an excellent"these aren't the droids you are looking for" hand wave.

13-03-2017, 15:46:05
Got one of our senators for a townhall meeting. The other senator and our congressman are hiding.

The Mad Monk
14-03-2017, 00:27:17
How much did you pay to get him?

14-03-2017, 14:23:26
Two for one dollar. What a deal!

14-03-2017, 14:31:44
How much did you pay to get him?

We don't pay him, the coal companies and Mylan pharma do

25-03-2017, 03:20:38
A sample of the fun that is the Midwest this time of year:

Wednesday: High temps barely made it out of the 30s.

Thursday: High temps in the lower 50s.

Friday Mid-Afternoon: Highs shoot all the way up to the lower 80s, breaking a record.

Friday 10 PM: Temps tumble all the way back down into the mid 40s.

Saturday forecast: 50s and rain.

28-03-2017, 22:26:33
71 and sunny.

The Mad Monk
29-03-2017, 18:57:23
It's about time Cali stopped hogging all the rain! :tizzy:

01-04-2017, 14:48:34
today it's 20 oC and full sunny. it's a wonderful day in which I broke my back to have mom settle in her new house (great one, fantastic view, ace neighborhood, a bit small but ok).

Very little left. Hanging some paintings the curtain foundations etc

very helpful and friendly neighbors too

01-04-2017, 14:49:47
the view of the balcony is amazing, it looks bang right on to thw two of the three mountains of athens. open blue skies

very satisfied

01-04-2017, 14:50:23
I also found my university degree papyrus which I had lost

The Mad Monk
04-04-2017, 13:24:30
Papyrus? I thought you were Greek.

The Mad Monk
04-04-2017, 13:24:54
What's a Greek urn, btw?

04-04-2017, 14:24:55
when u get your university degree they dont just print a crappy A4 paper. they make a somewhat elaborate piece of paper known as an academic papyrus.
this is usually hung on a wall if you're provincial

04-04-2017, 14:29:21
https://www.google.gr/search?q=%CE%B1%CE%BA%CE%B1%CE%B4%CE%B7%CE%BC%CE%B 1%CE%B9%CE%BA%CE%BF%CF%82+%CF%80%CE%B1%CF%80%CF%85 %CF%81%CE%BF%CF%82&client=firefox-b&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjDuoKagYvTAhUBsxQKHYV7DcQQ_AUIBigB&biw=1440&bih=789#tbm=isch&q=%CF%80%CF%84%CF%85%CF%87%CE%B9%CE%BF++%CF%80%CE% B1%CE%BD+%CE%B1%CE%B8%CE%BD%CF%89%CE%BD&*&imgrc=y7Gb-5K-BBjH7M:

04-04-2017, 14:30:21
I also found my tennis racket (I never play tennis)

The Mad Monk
04-04-2017, 18:12:32
That link you posted took me to pics of scraps of old papyrus...unless that's really what your diploma look like.

Did you maybe mean, "vellum"?

04-04-2017, 20:06:55
seeing as vellum means something made of skin according to wiki pedia I clearly meant papyrus.

and that's strange because the link takes me to a paper. Where do you think you got the word for it?

unlike you we don't rely on egyptians let alone romans for our language and we have a different word for paper

04-04-2017, 20:09:13
then again I was listeling to jordan something a canadian proffessor dealing with social justice warriors and gender studies?

and I confirmed what I always knew. america is something else. something else entirely

04-04-2017, 20:12:24
it seams there is a new form of nazism called social justice warriors.

jordan something specifies them as something steamming from post - modernism (as most things are really) which is a justapostiction from modernism and the enlightment (logical after ww2)

he says this leads to nihilism (correct) and that sjw blended it with marxism and the narrative of the oppressed in order to acquire a goal (which is hard under nihilism).

the fucking professor has things mixed up and there is no counter revolution happening.

the whole WEST is based on victimization theory. that's because it has excluded violence from its nararive (theoretically)

west simply means passive aggressive

a genuinely unattractive concept but thankfully restricted to US and maybe canada?

04-04-2017, 20:35:10
you can see it in the national mottos

americanocanadian? intellectuals seem to want us to believe they follow reason in order to attain conclusions and it's a pile of shit

their national motto is irrational: out of many, one

No. Out of many, many

that's why a motto like freedom or death is so superior

you can see iton the streets the reason a culture survives for 3000 years, intact, whole, one

04-04-2017, 22:06:17
I mean I can say fuck you to a guy that does his cross everytime he passes out of a church, doesn't mean I disrespect God.
I can see almost all human evantualities, even the ones that disgust me, and accept them because in a way, we are alike and they are deluded. Even if they are "bad"

I accept dinner's proposition to more privitizations but mainly because I don't want to pay for useless broads who spend all their money on cosmetics and 3rd rate music. It's my right.

A society, conrete homogeneous is superior. It is based on meta - logic, a concrete set of ideals evolved thorugh the national flesh and blood.

Even in civil war, I'd kill you but not in the savage anglosaxon/american way that I have nothing in common with you, so I kill you.
I'd kill you with love

04-04-2017, 22:08:17
It's very cozy to see the screw ups of anglosaxon and assorted shittards. Very comforting and warm.
A fuzzy feeling. You have the sun and the concrete life and you have gray skies and chaos.
The compact life and the squandering wasteland.
THe foundation and the fall.


04-04-2017, 22:10:37
Family, life, freedom. Something that the greek (and ok, european ) left excels.
the american left is gone

04-04-2017, 22:14:15
They try to tell us that human compassion is utopian. that communism or socialism is utopian. simply because they are a fridge fraction cult known as protestants. a parenthesis in the world. they have a unique pesonal tie with god, they claim. fuckers, EVERYONE has a unique raport with god. that doesn't mean you get to fuck society.

now, granted, their apeal against totaliarism are very warranted and enthralling. in a sense, minus their genuine lack of compass, american liberals share a great deal of common with the greek left. but they are too much of a nazis.

in a way, the american right has a lot of common things with the greek left

it's a mystery

04-04-2017, 22:16:34
but their lack of compass is not enthralling. it's off putting, nausiating, ridiculous and boring. inapplicable. a sight of relief of the irrelevent crap YOU don't have to deal with.

as said, something else, entirely, happily so
and no, it has nothing to do with logic. it's a lack of foundations (national)

04-04-2017, 22:18:01
it apears you have way more freedom under that sun drenched salt filled air than anywhere else in the world

04-04-2017, 22:48:04
it also appears that those savage fuckers have something against the french intellectuals.

they can't possibly comprehend that to us, it simply seems funny. because we see the largest picture.

but according to them communism is a french/german construct and the russians just implemented it

it all seem funny like watching a small kid having a tandrum (you still love it)

04-04-2017, 22:56:38
I was wondering about stuff.

Like, the way inhumanity and protestantism found their religious expression in capitalism.

But then I thought to myself it's not all that bad.

I don't want to have to pay for lazy 3rd rate asses and still be humane orthodox (and its twin brother deluded catholic)

Yes there need to be lots of privitizations btu not all.

I found that out when landing on geneva airport. the swiss are the richest and most lazy superfucks in the world btw.

I read the insciption while waiting. half for spain, half for germany. I was with spain.

It read municipality of genova. the airport belonged to them. a public institution.

and the worlds of a german girl come to my mind. I said, I'm jealous of you because you have all those medieval castles. She sai, are you joking? you have the best of the best, all these ancient sites (needless to say I'd have boinged her if not for the SO. LOTS of sacrifices are being donbe for the SO BTW)

she said about a duality of public/private firm functrioning semed interesting.

anyway, it's a question of getting smart not privitizing everything

04-04-2017, 23:47:04
privitization is not a fatalistic eventuality.
It's something you do, when you're stupid

05-04-2017, 01:03:55
I'm not sure what any of this has to do with the weather.

05-04-2017, 20:16:49
Maybe the weather sets off his OCD?

05-04-2017, 22:15:36
Whether you're right, whether you're wrong

The Mad Monk
06-04-2017, 02:18:58
I'm eating the Traditional Greek Gyro from Arby's; just the thing to shake off the soggy weather.

06-04-2017, 13:33:10

07-04-2017, 17:11:18
I'm eating the Traditional Greek Gyro from Arby's; just the thing to shake off the soggy weather.

I don't think I would buy a gyro from Arby's but I would try their venison sandwich if they offered it here.

07-04-2017, 18:29:04

07-04-2017, 18:53:15
I can't remember that last time I've had Arbys ... or Wendys or Burger King for that matter.

07-04-2017, 18:58:05
That was two small bottles of wine coupled with middle of the week stress and an uncertainty about how we're going to spend easter.

Now, it's cool because we figured it out. We're going on a trip and then return and spend sunday of easter roasting lambs with da familius.

07-04-2017, 18:58:58
I also took vacations. I was going on all those trips and I hadn't realized I had a shitload of vacation days piled up.


(and I still have like 2 months left)

07-04-2017, 19:01:11
I'm not drunk because I did't have any money.

I went to the greek american union btw :D

had comicon. I wanted a skyrim funny figurine but they only had the regular one.

then I was reutning home and I had exactly 5 euros in my pocket because you only pay with card and don't have cash.

I said, let's buy a little wine but I bought cigarettes and only had enough left for an energy drink

so now I'm very energized

07-04-2017, 19:04:22
and don't know what to do. I'm downloading the exapnse, made a nice rice/tomato salad with french dressing, survivor is not on untill sunday, I'm wide awake and very energized as said.


07-04-2017, 19:06:59
in the above mentioned frmework of not knowing what to do I started shuffeling through old poly posts from 2003, everyone was less crazy back then and more mellow.

oerdin didn't go into blind rage when I was mentioning that cuba had some good aspects, lorizael was still going on about wanting some girl, cockney has diabetes and rather serious one from what i read (I didn't know that)

and there were a shitload of other people that are now gone. intervals between posts were counted in seconds

07-04-2017, 19:10:07
in comicon there was the usual garbage but I did manage to read a nice comic about ygoslavia (ooops expanse is downloaded)

then i went to the french union because it was shared between the american union and the french union and I said in french there will be less garbage and more interesting stuff but there was a line to pass the metal detector and I said I had enough of that travelling screw that

one a side note, Greece: the only country where a metal detector is in the french and not the american union

07-04-2017, 19:13:56
then I passed outside the university and I walked although it was raining a little.
I saw the students and I thoiught these are just kids.
we were kids then and we thought we were big guys.

lots of beauty looooooots of free time.

maybe we'll go to malta it's only 20 euros. we can go anywhere, there are cheap bargains for a whole array of destinations. only greece is expensive

07-04-2017, 19:15:04
and now I'm going to drink a soda burp and watch the expanse

10-04-2017, 11:02:14
there is GOD.

after suffering terrible bullying, she got personal immunity and voted the SNAKE out to be voted by the public.

justice. god.


11-04-2017, 13:17:13
The hour of vindication draws near.

The SNAKE (1:27) will depart dishonoured


11-04-2017, 13:32:33
That's why the whole country likes her.
She didn't sit down and take it.
She threw her fist on the knife and broke it


11-04-2017, 13:35:37


11-04-2017, 13:47:56
That's why that teachers association is so full of shit.

They wanted to ban the show claiming it affects kids' souls negatively because it promotes self centerness.

On the contrary the people reward integrity of character.


11-04-2017, 13:49:21
The slimeball SNAKE tried to isolate the balls bearer and make fun of her and bully her with his team of snake whore slimeballs.

The BALLS BREAKER came back took personal immunity and offered the snake to the people who will devour him into the seventh pits of hell

11-04-2017, 14:02:56
5 hours untill the SNAKE is given to the people


11-04-2017, 14:08:55

Look at the lack of honour by the SNAKE. He wanted to humiliate his adversary.

Now it is too late because the BALLS BREAKER she has accomplished.

Also, on a physiognomy scale, he turned into a snake....

11-04-2017, 14:12:48
SNAKE tonight you die


11-04-2017, 14:21:05
Here he is the recently departed bullying and making fun of a defenseless girl


but here is the SNAKE again when he faced a real man


11-04-2017, 14:22:42
but literally



11-04-2017, 14:47:54
The order of decimation will be

Useless Snail
Fart waste of space

11-04-2017, 15:19:18
in gaming terms of course

4 hours to go

https://www.google.gr/search?q=%CE%B1%CE%B3%CE%B9%CE%BF%CF%82+++%CE%BA%C E%B1%CE%B9+%CF%84%CE%BF+%CF%86%CE%B9%CE%B4%CE%B9&client=firefox-b&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiKu9XI2ZzTAhXrFZoKHRNqAaAQ_AUIBigB&biw=1440&bih=789#imgrc=AejmikyuC5OhXM:

11-04-2017, 15:22:39
well, at least the UK is fucked which makes oerdin wrong again.

Almost makes the 4 hour waiting bearable

11-04-2017, 16:55:26
They tried to pick on a defenseless girl but that girl is CRAZY and said, I'm going to fuck you up team of disgusting slimeballs. This determination coupled with a tiny divine intervention (συν αθηνα και χειρα κινει) put her in a position to literally give us the SNAKE on a plate.

Which makes a nice search. where does the phrase συν Αθηνα και χειρα κινει comes from? This means : together with (the goddess) athena, you must also move your hands, which means together with god, you must also do stuff to exit your predicament

so let's see where that comes from

Στους μύθους του Αισώπου αναφέρεται ότι η φράση ειπώθηκε από κάποιο ναυαγό (πλούσιο Αθηναίο), ο οποίος, αντί να επιχειρήσει να κολυμπήσει για να σωθεί, έκανε παρακλήσεις στη θεά Αθηνά να τον γλιτώσει χωρίς αυτός να κάνει την παραμικρή προσπάθεια να σωθεί.

Σχετικός είναι και ο μύθος του Αισώπου με τον βοηλάτη, ο οποίος όταν το αμάξι που οδηγούσε έπεσε μέσα σε ένα φαράγγι, «άργος ίστατο τω Ηρακλεϊ προσευχόμενος. Ο δε θεός επιστάς είπε: “των τρόχων άπτου, καὶ τοὺς βόας νύττε, και τότε τω θεω εύχου, όταν καυτός τι ποιής· μη μέντοιγε μάτην εύχου». Δηλαδή, πιάσε τους τροχούς και τα βόδια και μετά να προσευχηθείς στο θεό, όταν κι εσύ ο ίδιος κάνεις κάτι, διαφορετικά προσεύχεσαι μάταια.

ok, it comes from the myths of aesop.
a rich athenian was shipwrecked and, instead of swimming in order to save himself, he only kept making appeals to athena to save him and he didn't do anythiung to save himself

ah, there is also another myth from aesop, a bull herder was leading his car but it fell in a chasm, so he pled to hercules and to the gods to come save him, but the god that was on duty told him don't take the gods names in vain but grap the bulls and the wheels and push them and then plea to the gods

very correct

11-04-2017, 17:00:35
here is aesop and rhodope


why do all the paintings have girls that sort of are asking, come and boing me please?

it's a mystery

11-04-2017, 17:11:38
also tomorrow I'm going on a trip on the mountaiaaaaans.

we be using the brand new best in europe highway from athens to there.

it originally was projected to 2,2 billions.

but then some architects said, hey look there, we can cut through 3 mountains and half the distance. so everyone said YEAH let's do that!

so now the highway is half the distance. BUT miracoulously, the cost wasn't dropped down to half, it went to 2,3 billion

somebody ate good on that

luckily with the holy icon of saint christoforos from my grandmother I shall brave the mountanous roads.

that's christopher but you're dumb you don't know what it means.

it means to carry christ. christos = christ fero= bare

the one who bares/carries christ.

that's why he is the saint of drivers.

11-04-2017, 17:15:40
although I'm not sure what we will be doing on the mountains?

watch castors chew on acorns?

luckily the sea is also close and although it is too cold to swim yet you can let your gaze drift and relax on the waves

Now I didn't want to go on a trip 100% because I thought athens is also nice. also it's not like we'll miss the lamp roasting with the family (god first) but then the SO said we'll feel sorry if we don't go.

That's partially true, and also there was a good like stone made castle/hotel so from there we'll have a good view to the castors eating acorns

11-04-2017, 17:16:44
it would be good to have a castor as a pet but I guess they can't be domesticated and can't be lured with acorns

11-04-2017, 17:18:34
they are independent wild ass castors

11-04-2017, 17:26:52
let's see some things about the city

hm, it had vivid life in the hellenistic years (noly then? :lol: ) and was ihabited from prehistoric years byt teh ozol locr. who the fuck are they?

by the mycenaean times it became a major port of the dorians. ah now we're getting somewhere. so it was badass militaristic.


then there were plenty of wars and it became the apple of discord between athens and sparta. athens conquered it, then sparta. hm.

then the citizzens said fuck all of you and gave the city to philip from macedonia

durting the roman times it had a plentyful life and was given back to the locrs. who the fuck are the locrs?

major gods, athena, apollo, aphrodite and dionisius.

and the castor

11-04-2017, 17:38:31
doarians had those austeric, stern looking columns. beautiful and asethetically artitecturally perfect but not elaborate. hard.

that's because they came later than the ionians and had to fight in order to make space and settle.

whereas the ionians were here first and had all the time in the world to just focus on the arts and make elaborate columns. and they did. they beautiful inctricate and elaborate with twists and turns. very delicate and detailed.

athens was predominantly ionian and sparta and macedonia dorian

then dorians, ionians achaians and aeolians mixed up their thighs and made the greeks.

you can see those ancient columns in the most odd places. first and formost christian churches. they are based on them.
so you walk in the church and DONG there is a dorian column

11-04-2017, 17:46:36
that's because they built on ancient templs, see?

sort of like trumping on the old religion and imposing the new.

15-04-2017, 14:54:23
back motherbitcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

the car started making a noise. I said shit.
Had it go away from the national highway into a service pit.

"Dear Sir, you can take this car and go anywhere, it's perfectly ok"


Drove. The SO. The mountains.


Spectacular mideival castle. Great big friday (no sex in big friday :D)

ate fasting food. great squiid. freshly fishged from the sea and fried.
and again suid

(then I ate a great asia minor recipee with meat balls, sauce and yuogurtt) damn we know how to eat.

then, let's go on top of that mountain. great castle vast castle. built by
1. ancients
2. byzantnines
3. venecians
4 (some minor additions by the ottomans)


then, go to the top of the mountain.

fuckity fucj.
ancient ruins.

the crystal clear waters flowing down to a marble pool. too beaituful to describe my eyes bleed.

there for 3 thousand years.

philip was an asshole.

raized them to the ground twice

BUT they were repodedly very fond of luxuries and when there was a fight they fled.

crystal waters. marble

green as far as the eyes can see


fucing tangerines.

took some pics like an ancient priest with hood etc on the ancient apollo temple

but there were p[eople before them

the neolithic people.

had shrines of ashes

so much history it chokes you

and beauty

now off to the family so we can eat the traditional dish after the RESSURECTION

15-04-2017, 15:00:15

old tradition from when we sank all the ottoman fleet

great speach by the priest about humility

(while the million torches on the castle harbor symbolized the fucking of the ottoman navy)

15-04-2017, 15:02:28
he said we make gun powder for fireshows not for war

unilke some

who did he mean?

the ISIS?

the americans?

who knows


15-04-2017, 15:04:39
the statue of the wind john. up on the stone castle battle fronts on the harbor. blew up so many ottoman ships he lost count.

does anyone remember?

also some spanish writer. a statue.
pointing to the sky.

he blew up ottoman ships too.a homage. not to his fighting but to his writing

15-04-2017, 15:06:35
I mistaken;ly thought that there was going to a burning cross but the SO said no, not a burning cross. kjust a cross with fire.

hanging in the middle of the stone castle harbor.

I said of course no burning. what are we? KKK?

it was lighted.

great show by the mayor


a bazzillion amount of people attended.

the mayor knows. he has swag

15-04-2017, 15:26:07
two fucking thousand statues.

some were saved

I looked at the body and the face. it was the SO.
they reminded me of the SO

but the minoan female statues more so. that curving of the belly and the ass, identical.

so when the young boys turned to puberty they pffered their locks of hair to appolo and had special holding pins for it.

the ancients built on the neolithic people.

the shrine of ashes gone to apollo.

I wanted to bath in the crystal water marble pool but an old lady of the archeological company said it's not possible.

Ok I respect

15-04-2017, 15:27:24
the expression on the statues faces,

calm confident of their beaty

15-04-2017, 15:28:51
a guy pissed me.

ath the archeological museum, he was following us around

ok it's his job.

but we're not english

we respect the culture.

fuck I can probably dig in my property and find an ancient statue. which will be preseved not stolen

fucking english scums

still they can't possibly compare

not in a thousand years

15-04-2017, 15:32:14
the new highway was amazing

it took 5 hours for this trip

now it takes 2 hours.

open roads majestic mountains to the left, pristine sea to the right

That old car swallowed the kilometers

arrived back in athens in no time

and those people there? they looked athenians

they are close so it's natural

i don't think macedonians look so much like athenians but the SO says they do


i want that freshly fished squid again

here they are only frozen

15-04-2017, 15:35:32
now drinking some wine and preparing for the family gathering

I don't want to go to the church because at ressurection time all the fucking albanians light up the sky with fireworks

they are not christian the little fucks but they emulate the former greek working class.

anyway da police will be there

keep it cool bojos

serbs didn;t bent over for the ottomans and they fucked you up hey?

now fuck you

(not the orthodox albanians, those respect)

15-04-2017, 15:37:46
apparently at the rising of christ the skies tore open and everyone was pissed scared?

it is emulated perfectly.

no matter the ethnicity/religion

15-04-2017, 15:40:32
the fucking kiosk manager he's albanian but orthodox

happy ressurection he told me

happy to you too

now tell your kids not to be so muchj like the greeks of old and fucking tear new holes in the sky

(of course he won't)

15-04-2017, 15:41:36
fucking pricks you're not orthodox but you act exactly like one

I can see the assimilation effect, ok

but tone it down a bit for fuck's sake

15-04-2017, 15:43:06
my grandfather (God rest his soul) used to tell me
when we were lkittle, the fireworks wouldn't explode unless they hit a wall


dammit grandpa


15-04-2017, 15:44:31
He's with grandma now looking down on us

powerful united as they wanted

15-04-2017, 15:45:33
Dammit I miss my grandma. she taught me how to dispell the evil eye.

The SO keeps asking me for that :)

I remember it, but in fractions

I will sit down ad concentrate and write it entereily

15-04-2017, 15:46:43
I can't write it here because it can't be heard from the same gender to the other

the SO can hear it but not a male.

I remember it

But noone done it better than my grandma

Grandma, you told me to take care of the family andf to be united.

I do that

15-04-2017, 15:48:02
I miss her very much

15-04-2017, 16:34:48
the empty infinite roads

cause everyone stayed we were returning

vast. the engine wanted to eat them like candy cake

this whole place is blessed

it is the best in the world


15-04-2017, 16:36:08
and the games

those quirks in the greek language

like oral sex

15-04-2017, 16:37:24
Thank you God

for I am unworthy

all your marvels you thrust on to me

hold back a little

for I am merely a mortal

15-04-2017, 16:40:35
This soil boils with marvels, miracles, battles, blood

I comprehent and I advance

15-04-2017, 16:41:05
And I bow before God

15-04-2017, 16:46:13
NOw fuck it

my auntie has the ressurection dinner ready

let's go

(easy albanians)

15-04-2017, 16:47:45

15-04-2017, 16:56:08
as the Sun was eating up those kilometers I was sweating at the wheel

The SO kept talking

of the air of the wind of the sun of the sea

I know her inside out


15-04-2017, 17:12:53
Mom called

said how are you?

I said I drunk two little bottles of wine

she said it's the pressure that lets you do that


15-04-2017, 17:13:55
mom doens't really like the SO

15-04-2017, 17:17:22
It's reality

Mom is hard ass

SO is soft

I am somewhere in between

15-04-2017, 17:22:09
They both respect immensly each other in my presence

15-04-2017, 17:22:43
But mom is hard ass

and the SO is the SO

15-04-2017, 17:23:27
Grandma said, protect and take care of the family

that's what I do

15-04-2017, 17:24:59
They are both 100% ok

and so is the auntie

15-04-2017, 17:25:30
Grandma was bad ass

15-04-2017, 17:27:07
The auntie is more compromising

15-04-2017, 17:27:40
They all love me
of course

15-04-2017, 17:29:10
but fuckit. it's easter

all family is welcomed

screw ups included

15-04-2017, 17:54:30

15-04-2017, 18:00:10
My uncle will be there at the lamb roasting tomorrow

he knows what to do :)

15-04-2017, 18:02:59
btw he loved my grandma and was with her and us till the end

that's why I said, anything he or his family requires, I will be sacrifice and I mean it

15-04-2017, 18:08:10
OK I put on that shirt. that shirt signifies that neighborhood of my uncle

a girl I had from there once gifted it to me

15-04-2017, 18:12:54
soooooo all ready

family reunion

cheers grandma

I like being alone much better

15-04-2017, 18:13:16

greek family


23-04-2017, 10:03:20
That was a lot of posts.