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30-11-2001, 13:42:26
Tell me about this game - I know its an online, and highly suspect its a fantasy RPG(duh!). That's as much as I know without looking around for it online. :)

02-12-2001, 00:24:20
I read a lot about this on ve3d. (one of the guys there was mad for it). I know its p v p with territorial warfare. Sounds good, not really my kettle of fish though.

Official Website (http://www.darkageofcamelot.com)

02-12-2001, 00:26:59
For a player's impressions contact Greg Woodstock. He has been playing it for at least 6 weeks.

02-12-2001, 20:45:01
Seems to be strongly slanted to p v. p, not sure I'd like that so much. Getting my first level ass kicked by a 60th level one would happen way too often. They did seem to attempt to eliminate PK trolling - or at least confine it into the context of the game.


Greg W
02-12-2001, 21:04:55
Excellent game. :)

As Jsorense says, I have been playing for 6 weeks or so, and it is great. It is basically a PvE (player versus environment) game tightly interwoven with a PvP (player v player) game. Big difference is unlike other games (UO), PvP is only performed against other realms, and you have to deliberately get involved. The game is split into three realms, Albion (England/Wales/Scotland), Hibernia (Ireland) and Midgard (Scandanavia). There are large portions of PvE content in each realm, but like spokes of a wheel, the three realms are joined together via "portals". There are forts that can be captured and defended (by NPCs and PCs), and you can build seige engines.

Big difference between PvE and PvP is that PvE is used to level, PvP is used to gain "Realm Points", which as you accumulate them, you can gain titles and bonus skill points. Character classes are quite different between realms, as are races. It is not true to history, but more faithful to mythology to an extent. Hibernia is a very magical realm, Midgard is a mix of magic and martial, and Albion is very a very martially oriented place (I think, I always get Albion and Midgard mixed up that way). Albion has races such as Saracen, Highlander and Avalonian. Midgard has Trolls, Norse and similar. Hibernia has Elves, Firbolg and the like. Check out www.darkageofcamelot.com for details, I haven't studied Midgard and Hibernia too much.

Appologies if all I compare it to is EQ, but having played EQ for 1.5 years or so, I think it's valid to compare the two. :)

Graphically it is much prettier than EQ, sounds seem better too, though I tend not to notice sounds too much in any game that I play.

Quests are much better thought out in DAoC than in EQ, though there is perhaps not quite the same number of quests yet.

Monsters are more "intelligent" than in EQ - no kiting whatsoever, and they can (and do) run off and grab help.

The only "bad" thing about the game is that, so close to release, it still needs a bit of added content. For instance many of the upper level dungeons have no loot drops as yet, but they're working on it. Stability has been pretty good since day 1, and the devs seem to listen to the customers in terms of balancing and bugs.

All in all, the game got me off my EQ Habit when nothing else had been able to (I have quit EQ in fact). When the game is "complete" (as much as any MMORPG is ever "complete"), it will incredible. As of now, it is still great though.

For any playing, I am playing a Theurgist on Pellinor server, name is Octavian, level 23 atm.

06-12-2001, 20:14:31

another question...

Is is pay-to-play?

Greg W
06-12-2001, 21:32:14
Yeah, I think it is about $11-15 US per month (depending on how long you pay for up front) after the initial free month.