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28-08-2016, 19:27:11
What kind of chocolate? I prefer 80% cacao dark chocolate...with salted caramel :love:

29-08-2016, 05:45:25
I have tried 80% or even 85%. There is less margin for error and if even the slightest mistake is made at any point during the production you can really taste it. Also the texture of dark chocolate tends to be more crumbly than creamy. So I am willing to eat white, milk or dark, but always thought I preferred milk. Until recently.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s the best chocolate, milk or dark, we had here was Belgian or Belgian influenced. Lately local chocolate like Beta5 has been competing well against the big chains. Local knowledge, local production but their beans are roasted in France. But now my horizon has expanded thanks to my summer holidays.

South America was a revelation for me because they can source the raw product locally and be sure of avoiding all the slave labour from Africa. Small sample size, but I always got real hot cocoa at cafes in Peru instead of the powdered crap. Reminded me of Paris. At the airport in Quito, Ecuador I was tempted by an incredible chocolate aroma coming from a store called Republica del Cacao. On a whim I bought a half dozen bars. Each was different, with a different taste and sourced from a different region. Each was amazing in its own way. Although the 75% cacao dark was excellent, the 67% milk/dark hybrid was the best I have tasted. Had the melt in the mouth texture of white or milk (probably more cocoa butter) yet a very rich complex taste of a fine dark chocolate.

Almost an earthy taste. I say the same thing about truffles (the underground mushroom like fungus kind), and a strange tasting mineral water I once had in Scotland, but those both have a very different earthy taste. This was a chocolately earthy taste. Somehow very good.

Not sure if they export, but I will be looking for it in the future.

The Mad Monk
30-08-2016, 13:25:52
Sounds wonderful.

I prefer milk chocolate, though my palette isn't so refined. :) I've seen "sourced" chocolate bars from Lindt in supermarkets recenly, but I haven't tried them.

C.G.B. Spender
07-09-2016, 18:40:39
I don't do shocklatte any,ore

08-09-2016, 13:17:25