View Full Version : The shock and the relief

18-06-2016, 13:06:56
I took a ride in the old neighborhood to buy sweets for the SO (only there they make it)

I parked the car in awesome greek illegal fashion and get ready to get out.

When on the opposite side I see big ears.

Big ears was an old man my grandpa used to point and say look at how big that guy's ears are. And we both laughed
(may god rest his soul)

I knew big ears. He was dressed well and seemed a bit aloof. That was all.
And he had big ears.

I saw him yesterday. I was shocked and griefed.

Big ears was very thin dressed all in black and was searching through garbage cans.

I got out ready to help but an old lady managed to get there first.

"What are you doing here?"

"I want to get to the mini market to buy some cigs" said big ears (who doesn't have a family)

"Stay at the cafe at the plaza I'm going to get those cigs for you" said the lady "Going on the mini market spending money.... bah..."

My eyes watered at the amazing solidarity.
I had no role to play. On that.

24-06-2016, 15:44:21
That was very compassionate of you.
Maybe look in again some day and check all is well ?

27-06-2016, 16:26:08
Whenever I'm in these parts I certaintly will.
I'm sure the neighborhood takes care of him but it was a shock.