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09-06-2016, 10:18:32

Here are some tips.

When you get off at the airport don't take a taxi. They will steal you, there are ways.

There is the metro cheap affordable the best in europe and it will get you to right bang at the center of athens

there are buses too

in athens there is not so much to see. you'll see the acropolis and the acropolis musem the national musem if you want the byzantium museum.

at the acropolis musem go to the top floor there is a restaurant with an amazing view of the acropolis, it's cheap too.

thisio (get there by electric railway) it's the old city with many neoclassical buildings and you get an air of how athens used to be. cute. there are also a shitload of ancient ruins from the roman agora to the philopapus cliff.

you might want to take a boat to the islands but it's not cheap. actually many regional airliners offer cheaper fares and almost all islands have an airport.

don't go to the touriist beaches they are swarmed. each island has a bazzilion of beaches the best secluded ones are well kept secrets. ask the locals to tell them to you. 100% enchancement.

in summer there are many festivals, and it's one of the reasons to stay in athens for more than two days. ask and find

a small bottle of water shouldn't cost more than 50 eurocents.

athens is virtually crime free. walk wherever whenever. if it seems dark and shady, it's just dark and shady

however be very vigilent when using public transportation. if you feel an irritating push at your back, don't turn and look (or do that later) just grab your wallet and make sure it's there.

09-06-2016, 10:46:08

I'm actually very much looking forward to vacations myself.
that's because the office is swarmed with deaf idiots plus everything is being taken care of and it's boring when there is no uncertainty

09-06-2016, 12:06:37
The SO called from work.
To see what's up. I suppose I should post a whitesnake video