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27-04-2016, 14:39:55
So I took a taxi. The driver was eastern and had an icon so I guessed georgia, romania that kind of stuff.

But he was from albania.

He said that albania has everything.
I said: muslims catholics and orthodox right?

He said: muslims catholics and christians (since everyone who is not orthodox is not christian)

He said muslims are the worse.

And also that he couldn't practise his religion in albania but he re-descovered it in greece.

He was proud to have made a life in greece.

He said he asked his son: what are you?
and he replied: i am a greek.

very humbling.

Also he hates the left.

He told me how hoja came and murdered people and had everyone under a state of terror.

That albanian society is not civilized, every time he visits there are gangs who look at his car, his wife, harrass him. a vendetta could start at any time. they have no clean water and no electricity.

that greece gave him life and religion.

and also that the turks never ever help the albanians (despite being muslims)

nice man

Dyl Ulenspiegel
28-04-2016, 16:37:49
I thought that was about Faymann.