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18-04-2016, 14:34:35
We went to the old royal summer houses for a walk.

First observation, i think it's bad for the greek state to refer to them as "directorate"
just say it's the old royale houses, what's the big deal. c'moan

2. they were all danish? everyone was kind of greece and prince of denmark in the cemetary

3. I felt an inescapable pressure on my bladder when in the royal cemetary that had to be taken care of quickly....


Dyl Ulenspiegel
19-04-2016, 16:50:27
You should have stuck with Bavarians.

19-04-2016, 20:02:28
That actually surprised me.
I was expecting to find lots of bavarians there but all there were were danish.
There was a big tomb there with a royal couple but I don't think it was otto.

Where is otto????

19-04-2016, 20:03:50

he's in munich


The Mad Monk
19-04-2016, 20:17:28
That's a mighty long walk to the loo.

19-04-2016, 20:30:40
If I tighten up I think I can reach

19-04-2016, 21:21:19
Although about otto I'm not sure.
I mean he seemed to have loved Greece and I respect that.
But the fact the he was imposed by the great powers is pissant.

19-04-2016, 22:29:46


The children of defense

It will be written in history one day.
That he kicked out all the brutes from Athens.
That he kicked out the king
And the senators.
The crooks and the clowns.
And in this defense, with all the officers Benizelos is fighting to.
He’s the one who’s going to end it.
And every patriot, will bring us equality.
Mother marry who stands on our side,
Show’s the path to our new leader.
The hero of the national defense
Who fights and kicks out the enemy.
The national defense chaps threw out the king,
They gave him his sail to go do his own business
To be a glutton,
Along with his foreign family.
Watch swords and scimitars,
Shooting out flames which reach to the skies.
Up there high, at our borders,
The enemies’ blood runs like a river.
The national defense got rid of the king.
The national defense cap, brought Venizelos.
The national defense brought freedom.


Dyl Ulenspiegel
20-04-2016, 13:59:07
And that all on the way to the loo.

20-04-2016, 16:05:24

1917 the national division (king/venizelos).
I wanted to buy that book today, then I wanted to buy lots more and then I bought none but I'll borrow the debt book with great satyrical gravures from 1831 onward