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06-03-2016, 18:26:01
that all basketball courts were occupied.
Only the tennis courts were free but who plays tennis.

Also some dogs were looking at me menacingly at the park

06-03-2016, 18:28:06
Also there was a huge sign that informed that some deprived of consciouss person was poisoning the dogs and a huge sign that said it is a criminal offense to be bad to dogs and they're gonna get you.

I said, what a nice sign. Of course, makes sense.

Untill I walked in the park and packs of semi wild dogs thought if I tasted good.

Why can't there be logic in this country

14-03-2016, 19:33:14
Today was clean monday.
No it doesn't mean it's the one day of the year when you take a bath.
it means something else, christian related, but i don't know what.

in this day you don't eat any meat. but you eat a special made bread (lagana), taramosalata (salad made of eggs from fish), octupus, calamari and then whatever else fish related.

also you fly a kite.

we went with the SO and flew a kite.
it was very funny becuase we didn't have one and I bought one that had a spiderman picture on it.

when we flew it I said we're going to give it to some kid who doesn't have a kite.
and we did and she was very happy.

also it kept raining but it stopped long enough for us to fly the kite and that was very good

at acropolis, on the hill of the muses

Dyl Ulenspiegel
14-03-2016, 19:50:11
When do you celebrate easter?

14-03-2016, 20:43:32
calendar says sunday of easter is 1 of may.
maybe it's related to that :D

Dyl Ulenspiegel
15-03-2016, 06:35:08
So this year it's 5 weeks apart (east and west).

Start of lent, or?

15-03-2016, 08:38:57

I did lent on clean monday. let's not overexagerate.
it's very nice if someone wants to continue, great food.

The Mad Monk
16-03-2016, 09:42:18
I think you meant "complain".

Dyl Ulenspiegel
16-03-2016, 12:14:32
"it's very nice if someone wants to complain, great food."

The grievance-monger's restaurant guide?

The Mad Monk
17-03-2016, 19:26:52
...refering to the thread title.

...you Austrian bandito.