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23-02-2016, 09:56:59
I was at the Anchor Pub (on the South Bank in London) this weekend, enjoying a drink with one of my partner's Polish relatives and her husband. :)

What is your favourite anchor story?

23-02-2016, 09:58:55
PS That is not necessarily my favourite anchor story. But it could be my only anchor story - so maybe it is by default! :drekkus:

Dyl Ulenspiegel
23-02-2016, 10:01:55
It's definately "what a story!".

23-02-2016, 15:38:52
Mine is going to the Anchor bar in Buffalo, NY and having a mess of wings at the recipe birthplace.

26-02-2016, 15:20:37
So, Buffalo wings originated in Buffalo! :bounce:

Makes sense. :D

26-02-2016, 20:29:38
If you are from around there, they are just referred to as wings. No need to say Buffalo ;)

The Mad Monk
27-02-2016, 13:15:25
Mine is fishing on a lake in Canada, and using a concrete filled bleach bottle as an anchor. :)