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21-02-2016, 22:21:05
I visited my place of growing up again.

Seeing all with the eyes of an adult was mezmerizing.

I fell back on what I knew.
Politeness and how that was rewarded with smiles and acceptance.
It's quite different here where it is greeted with suspicion and alienation.

Also big roads. Athens doesn't have these.

And reserve.

Closed to one-self.

I didn't like that too much.
I like Greece more for that.

It was revolutionary

I thank god if he exists for allowing me to see my place of growing up with adult eyes

22-02-2016, 10:03:23
I visited London this weekend and was genuinely taken aback by it's friendliness and politeness... :eek:

And on the roads too!

WTF? :drekkus:

22-02-2016, 13:39:50
Yes, it's full of lovely Europeans now.

23-02-2016, 09:47:42
And I left! :D

23-02-2016, 20:39:46
It was cold and it was western in the sense that...
oh there are too many senses.

the conclusion is that we are travelers of time and space

Dyl Ulenspiegel
23-02-2016, 20:42:27
...on the flying ski wagon.

23-02-2016, 20:43:54