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20-02-2016, 04:57:41

So I woke up to the fact that I am doing a four day walk in the Andes this summer, reaching 4,200 m. at the highest pass. During the Cuzco, Inca Trail, Lake Titicaca leg of the journey, the minimum elevation will be over 3,000 m. for a week.

I live on the edge of a big jumble of mountains that extends all the way to the Rockies. But the size of the mountains are less. As a hiker and not a serious mountain climber I have seldom been to summits over 2,500 m. As you want to camp somewhere sheltered, I have rarely spent a night over 2,000 m.

How seriously do I have to train for this trip?

20-02-2016, 05:22:41
I've been in planes back in the 90s.

20-02-2016, 05:47:22
I climbed Mount Whitney (twice) which is the heightist mountain in the lower 48 but not very high by world standards.

20-02-2016, 08:35:24
I climbed mount olympus but not all the way to the top.

I also been on the top of mountain ski resorts but they have a wagon that take you there, so that was very convenient

20-02-2016, 11:18:54
The ski wagon? I knew that there were austerity measures in Greece, but I never realized it was that bad.

20-02-2016, 15:29:39
Is that like the drunk bus?

20-02-2016, 19:25:39
:clueless:I floated up to the ceiling and couldn't get down.

Dyl Ulenspiegel
20-02-2016, 19:52:19
sounds cool

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
20-02-2016, 22:15:07
I drove part way up Pike's Peak once. That was plenty enough exercise for me, thanks.

20-02-2016, 22:52:33
I push a stone up a mountain almost everyday, but I don't know how high it is.

Haleakala is about 10000 feet up. That's probably the highest I've actually hiked around at, and for hours, not days. I was occasionally short winded, but no headaches or anything like that. I regularly run 4-7 mile distances, more if it's close to April or October when I run ten mile races. I live and train at about 300 feet at the moment.

This is a fun thing to read right before you go...


20-02-2016, 22:56:28
Graph in before MoSe! (he'll likely find a better one)

20-02-2016, 23:04:26
I live in the Midwest. A small hill is considered really high terrain to me.

The Mad Monk
21-02-2016, 04:01:23
:clueless:I floated up to the ceiling and couldn't get down.

Was Gene Wilder very upset with you?

21-02-2016, 16:58:27
No, but he hasnt helped me down yet. :(

21-02-2016, 19:55:56
It was a flying wagon (I'm not sure if this makes things better)

The one where you look down and say that if you crash, the snow is probably fluffy enough to cushion the blow.

Then you get to the top and there's a hyperactive haski dog jumping around and a small chapel and the face of your SO radiating happiness.

Good times

22-02-2016, 08:17:36
I climbed mount olympus but not all the way to the top.

on Mars??? :eek:

22-02-2016, 10:14:39
I've been to the top of Haleakala (3,055 m), and Mount Teide (3,718 m), highest mountain in Spain - even though it's on an island.

I've been to the highest points in the UK, Ben Nevis (1,844 m), and in Wales, Snowdon (1,087 m). Snowdon might be relatively small, but it looks like a proper mountain and that is where Sir Edmund Hilary trained before his ascent of Everest. I guess he wanted to train on a Welsh mountain before climbing a mountain named after a Welshman... :clueless:

I've also been to the bottom of Death Valley (Badwater, -86 m).

If I can't go high, I'll have to try for low... :D

23-02-2016, 15:02:40
Wow I am getting some useful posts. Is this really CeeGee?

Mobius, did you train for the 3,700+ m. mountain, and how badly were you winded at the top?

I spoke to a mountain climber at work. She regularly gets sick over 3,500 metres.

26-02-2016, 15:17:37
No, both were limited visits.

Haleakala, was literally no more than an hour.

Mount Teide, and the whole caldera area, I've been up a few times. I've spent upwards of half a day a couple of times and did some hiking etc.

They do warn that you can be affected quickly with things like headaches and the like, but I never noticed that myself or even felt affected by lack of breath etc.

But the main thing is that I wasn't really up there too long - maybe 6 hours most > 3,000 m?

26-02-2016, 15:18:42
Oh and training. Drove virtually to the top, the caldera area. Then took the cable car to the summit... :D

27-02-2016, 20:49:36
I've been all over Mons Pubis. I've even done some spelunking.

29-02-2016, 18:59:28
Just realised that although I've never been up Snowdon (1085m) I was actually way higher when I was in Jo'burg as the whole city is at 1700m - so way higher than the highest point in the UK.