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23-01-2016, 11:06:25
So we went with the SO's sister and her beaux and some friends at a theater that she chose. (the sister not the SO)

It was a piece of crap.

There was one actor there that did great mimics so it was ok. And another that was funny. But everything was crap very low.

If it wasn't enough that I payed for a piece of crap theater then we went to a bar and they started eating like pigs.

At least the music was nice. All else crap.

I'm done doing philanthropy

23-01-2016, 11:13:43
If that was not enough we took a cab home and he started talking about putin.

_Putin put troops on Syria.

_yeah but russians are getting poorer?

_so what, americans are poor too

_they're not. they have around 45.000 dolars gdp per capita

_bulllshit. Only 10% of them are rich. the others are fighting for a salary like everyone else. You should see some truck drivers unbathed for days, like pigs

_yeah but russians only eat beans

_so what that they eat beans, they are patriots, you know. fatherland

_and the germans were patriots

_yeah well, not the same. so what? americans are good? who the fuck they think they are NATO and shit. look what they did with skopjie and turkey

I think I prefer americans in this framework of conversation. Too dark and dumb the other theme

Although he did say that ameercans and europeans thought they had all figured out and putin fucked up their plans in the middle east.

I agreed but tried to tell him that they are dumb fucks more than anything but he did' seem convinced

23-01-2016, 11:22:26
And the theater was a piece of crap.
But it was filled with people.

Goes to show that it doesn't really take talent to do something. It just takes balls to just go ahead and do it and that's it

23-01-2016, 11:22:57
Also everyone had a beard at the bar too.
This is getting ridiculous