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The Mad Monk
21-01-2016, 22:46:16
One of my great childhood memories. My father still hunts blackpowder season, but at the time he was still bowhunting. He has always used a treestand, and so always shot from a height between twelve and twenty feet, depending on the tree and the stand. Shooting from that height is a different skill from shooting on level ground, one that doesn't really translate that well from archery range to treestand.

So, Dad set up a bale of cardboard in the backyard, about thirty or so yards from the back of the house, and used PAID stickers from ShopRite as the targets; you know the kind, three inches by an inch and a half, and bright orange, so they won't chase after you when you walk out with that milk carton. He would put a half dozen or so on the bale, then crawl out a second floor window onto the first floor roof with his compound bow and quiver of arrows, stand up, and take something like a dozen shots before going back in, walking out to the bale, collecting the arrows, and going back to do it all over again.

The neighbors thought he was crazy.

So did we.

But in a good way.

Venison is yummy.


22-01-2016, 03:35:09
Yes, venison is good. :beer:

22-01-2016, 21:01:06
Mine was recently spotted on his standalone garage roof with a chainsaw. The chainsaw was used to saw through the middle of the roof peak. He then set fire to the garage and the roof fell neatly down into the rest of the structure and the whole thing collapsed inward to burn instead of out into the yard. He did that ON PURPOSE and it worked.

Glad he wasn't the one who fell, but honestly don't know how he pulled any of that off.

He's just added a crossbow to his hunting weapons, but no venison this year. :(

22-01-2016, 22:17:26
Is he getting ready for World War Z?:nervous:

24-01-2016, 23:23:32
That actually sounds like fun as well as good practice if one is hunting from a tree blind.

The Mad Monk
25-01-2016, 09:57:17
I told them I posted this, and my mother told me something I didn't remember.

Dad wanted to practice on moving targets, so he had Mom toss milk cartons into the air to shoot at.

They disagreed on how far downfield she should stand while doing this.



Dyl Ulenspiegel
25-01-2016, 14:55:04

25-01-2016, 15:36:41
No William Tell comments?

25-01-2016, 22:29:44
:lol: Such a lucky woman!

The Mad Monk
26-01-2016, 02:40:15

The stories where he failed are better than stories where he succeeded. To wit:

One season he hadn't practiced as he should, but went out anyway. While he was sitting in his stand, a buck came by within twenty yards -- easy shooting distance. He drew back, and shot -- the arrow sailed over animal's back, and it sauntered off. An hour later, the same buck wanders back into range...THOK. The arrow sinks into a tree beside the buck, and it scampers off. Next hour, same buck. Arrows sink into the ground at its feet, others disappear into the brush. The buck ignores it all.

Okay. Down to the last arrow.

Dad draws, takes careful aim, exhales, and thinks "if I miss this one, that deer's going to collect the arrows and bring them back to the tree".

He relaxes the bow, climbs down, collects his arrows, and goes home.

26-01-2016, 21:34:52
I only ever got one, with an open sight 30-30. I missed once, it came closer, I missed again... so it came even closer and laid down. It's only 40-50 yards away lying down and I miss again. It stands up, turns broadside and looks around, and that finally did the trick.

I'm an absolute mass murderer of paper plates at 50 yards, but adrenaline is bad for my aim.

Collecting arrows seems like a significant downside to bow hunting.

The Mad Monk
26-01-2016, 22:16:03
You don't have to collect them, but they tend to be pricier than bullets.

The Mad Monk
29-01-2016, 17:28:17
Blackpowder added significantly to his kill rate -- he's maxed out his take nearly every year.

29-01-2016, 19:21:41
Who is your dad, Natty Bumppo?

29-01-2016, 21:02:46
:lol: :lol:

The Mad Monk
30-01-2016, 11:10:54
He actually is one quarter Cherokee. :)

01-02-2016, 22:32:48
Cherokee People!...

02-02-2016, 00:29:50
First Nations