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28-09-2015, 17:16:06
Yay! :beer:

That is all. :)

05-10-2015, 13:28:55
Poor England :(

I never knew there were so many Australia fans in Cardiff ;)

05-10-2015, 13:47:36
We were shit in all 3 games. Not bad going forward on occasion, but terrible discipline, bad decision making and poor in breakdown when attacking and defending.

With just a bit more maturity we would have been so far ahead in the game against you that you couldn't come back even if you had a great second half - much like the Aussies did against us on Saturday. 14 points behind is just too much to come back from for any team. If we'd been 14 ahead at half time against you (which we would have been if not for ill discipline), you'd have lost despite the comeback.

Total naivety from our players and coaches.

I predicted 15-20 point loss to Aussies with them getting a bonus point which they didn't quite get but I think it was completely expected that we'd get hammered after how we'd played the first two games.

Why work for 2 years with a certain set of players, then dump your centres and take a massive gamble for the final? With a Captain who is one of the worst and least effective players on the team. You can almost excuse a poor 4 years when the reason is that you are building for a World Cup, but not when you are so poor in the end goal.

Best two teams in the group are going through. I expect Australia to also win comfortably against you BTW.

12-10-2015, 15:04:46
They won. Uncomfortably. ;)

I see a crumb of hope though, we really had them under the cosh, which is another reason why I don't think England losing to Wales is such an unlikely result.

But I do agree about England's team selection - Lancaster should be fired for that simple reason alone!

As for Wales, I see hope. Our record against South Africa is arguably quite reasonable. Also, New Zealand are in for a case of deja vu against France in the QF in Cardiff. Same result maybe!? :D

13-10-2015, 12:50:26
Hmm, they won 15-6 and for some of the time were matching you with 13 men. (similar to England in New Zealand before the 2003 World Cup).

I don't think Wales beating England was unlikely, but the way the game went, a more mature, or better managed side with the same players would have been able to see through the win. If we'd had Gatland and you'd had Lancaster we'd certainly have qualified.

BTW the way it ended up, if we'd kicked for the draw against you and got it we'd still have qualified which shows what a ridiculous decision going for the corner really was.

Definitely hope you beat South Africa. :beer: I don't think they've looked particularly amazing so far difficult to tell as they haven't faced a decent team (other than maybe Japan) as Scotland rested everyone.

16-10-2015, 18:05:35
Cant help feeling if hooper had been yellowed for the hit that saw him banned after tha match and a certain Idiot Farrell hadn't been yellowed for england things might have turned out differently (but we still wouldn't have progressed past the quarters).

The more times I see the Hooper clearout the worse it looks. If it was in the days before yellows it would probably have been a straight red - full pelt into the oppositions head with the shoulder and no attempt to bind or tackle...

19-10-2015, 06:25:07
wow, 4 southern semifinalists

Springboks overcame Wales at last minute, while Scotland got 1p short of the semi
whereas Ireland and France, who both emerged from the southern-less group (with Italy 3rd) ended to get thrashed in QF