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11-09-2015, 00:30:18
Baldur's Gate style/engine kickstarter cRPG.

8/10 because I had to run around finishing quests I wasn't interested in finishing (at least from a roleplaying perspective) to be high enough level to beat the final fight without debuff/paralysis scroll spam.

Hint: you can craft quite a few paralysis scrolls (and whatever other potion/scroll suits you) with the ingredients you find :bash:

Highly recommended: finding the piglet pet for your main character and having the ranger and her fox in the party

It was up for 30+ bucks on Steam a couple of weeks ago, probably to suck people in to dropping more money on the expansion module.

C.G.B. Spender
11-09-2015, 21:10:06
I like the word "pillars"

11-09-2015, 21:21:58
I work with a woman named Pilar.

C.G.B. Spender
15-09-2015, 15:24:47
You work? That's new!

15-09-2015, 17:44:22
It is a full time job acting sane. :clueless:

15-09-2015, 23:11:25
People are less likely to bother me when I skip that part.

18-09-2015, 19:32:29
I enjoyed it for a bit.

Then I discovered that my characters were flagged as thieves for opening a lock? in the library? in the city.

And there was no way for me to reload because I was playing IronMan.

And when I tried replaying, it was all too similar for me to enjoy as much.

I intend to replay it later.


19-09-2015, 04:52:31
JM^3, how ya doing?