View Full Version : What is your favorite onanism?

The Mad Monk
03-09-2015, 02:23:14
Hand? Doll? Space between the sofa cushions?

03-09-2015, 02:55:21
Now that's just sick.
(had to look it up)

The Mad Monk
03-09-2015, 10:56:30
Sure you did.

Finn Willi (5)
09-09-2015, 17:21:21
Sorry, thought this was the one about my favourite organism... I like Bach!

09-09-2015, 19:31:02
So onanism isn't a religion after all ...

Or maybe it is.

C.G.B. Spender
11-09-2015, 21:12:29
It's a guy from the bible I think so it's catholizism allover again. Sick, but true!

12-09-2015, 13:46:42
Spilling your seed is wrong. Gotta be careful when planting your tomatoes.

12-09-2015, 21:04:04
The 'spilling the seed' comment in the Bible is actually about not cheating on your wife, not simply masturbation.

12-09-2015, 23:43:18
You gonna take the word of some guy that said he talked to God?

13-09-2015, 00:02:56
You gonna take the word of some guy that said he talked to God?

You make a very good point, MDA. :beer:

13-09-2015, 04:15:14
I'm taking the word of some Biblical scholars.

13-09-2015, 05:02:00
Which Bible?

The Mad Monk
13-09-2015, 15:42:17
All of them

13-09-2015, 20:39:45
One of them has got to be right. Right?

The Mad Monk
13-09-2015, 21:11:04

14-09-2015, 00:27:52
Alternatively there is always the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.