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26-08-2015, 15:16:47
Like 'scrape', only missing the 'r'...

26-08-2015, 15:19:55
and capes if you rearrange the letters

C.G.B. Spender
26-08-2015, 16:07:45
And like turmoil, only ...go figure

26-08-2015, 16:39:49
and capes if you rearrange the letters

Capes, the final frontier!

26-08-2015, 22:41:04
Like escape only different.
Put scrape and escape together and it sounds like a close call car accident.

The Mad Monk
27-08-2015, 01:42:14
What a caper!

27-08-2015, 13:11:25
I have Wonderwoman socks with capes on them!

27-08-2015, 19:37:30
you're an Amazonian princess! So much better than Elsa.

28-08-2015, 02:31:28
What do you have against Princess Elsa? Our 3 year old grand daughter loves her.

29-08-2015, 03:08:40
She's an ice princess.

03-09-2015, 09:50:03
Just wait till she grows up

The Mad Monk
03-09-2015, 11:07:10
OH YEAH! This reminds me...

School Reportedly Bans Girl's 'Wonder Woman' Lunchbox (http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/school-reportedly-bans-girls-woman-lunchbox/story?id=33382842)

Aug 28, 2015, 12:15 PM ET
ABC NEWS via Good Morning America

A warning from school administrators to parents over their daughter’s lunchbox is one seemingly worthy of a super hero’s rescue. The only problem is that super heroes are banned from the school, even on a lunchbox.

An Imgur user posted a letter earlier this week reportedly sent from school officials to his friends, expressing concern that their daughter brought a “Wonder Woman”-themed lunchbox to school.

"We noticed that Laura has a Wonder Woman lunchbox that features a super hero image," the letter begins. "In keeping with the dress code of the school, we must ask that she not bring this to school."

PHOTO: An Imgur user says a school banned his friends daughter from bringing a Wonder Woman lunchbox to school.
Obtained by ABC News
http://a.abcnews.com/images/Lifestyle/ht_lunchbox_3_kab_150826_4x3_992.jpgPHOTO: An Imgur user says a school banned his friend's daughter from bringing a Wonder Woman lunchbox to school.

"The dress code we have established requests that the children not bring violent images into the building in any fashion – on their clothing (including shoes and socks), backpacks and lunch boxes," the letter continues. "We have defined 'violent characters' as those who solve problems using violence. Superheroes certainly fall into that category."

The school’s name and address are redacted in the letter, which was posted anonymously.

The Imgur user also posted two photos of the lunchbox reportedly under fire.

The front of the lunchbox shows just a close-up image of Wonder Woman’s face, while the back shows a full-body image of Wonder Woman in her costume holding her lasso.

http://a.abcnews.com/images/Lifestyle/ht_lunchbox_2_kab_150826_4x3_992.jpgPHOTO: An Imgur user says a school banned his friends daughter from bringing a Wonder Woman lunchbox to school.
Obtained by ABC News

“As lovely as Aphrodite, as wise as Athena,” the lunchbox reads.

The letter quickly went viral, prompting even the actress best known for playing Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, to share the story on social media.
Lynda Carter @RealLyndaCarter

Parents told their daughter's WW lunchbox is too "violent" for school! http://fb.me/27TjB3hdQ
6:03 PM - 26 Aug 2015

https://o.twimg.com/2/proxy.jpg?t=HBg8aHR0cHM6Ly9tZXRyb3VrMi5maWxlcy53b3 JkcHJlc3MuY29tLzIwMTUvMDgvY29tcF93b25kZXIuanBnFL4U FNwKHBSEBhSUAwAAFgASAA&s=iz9uS52QZHSZkDoweBPsZ0Sk9CbVbPDMlbTI0xBo60g

Photo published for Parents told their daughter's Wonder Woman lunchbox is too violent for school
Parents told their daughter's Wonder Woman lunchbox is too violent for school

And today in controversial school policies...

03-09-2015, 22:00:00
Mmm. Lynda Carter

03-09-2015, 23:05:36
The guy who invented Wonder Woman was into plural marriage and had three wifes living in one house. True story.

The Mad Monk
04-09-2015, 02:52:57
I know, I saw the play -- but I think there were only two women.

He was also into bondage, and invented the lie detector.

He intended Wonder Woman to be a non-violent superhero, who made the villains submit and confess rather than beating them up.

Lots of irony right there.

04-09-2015, 20:06:08
She traded her lasso in for a riding crop of truth, then registered on Ashley Madison.

04-09-2015, 23:32:25
What kind of Duggary is this?!

04-09-2015, 23:45:40
The very best kind?

04-09-2015, 23:56:59
Skullduggery it is then!

05-09-2015, 00:14:16
What else, I'm an Archaeologist.:)