View Full Version : Ultimate Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

Walrus Feeder
05-08-2015, 22:55:58
Yes, if you thought doing the Fantasy Premier League was a bigger enough commitment then how about this? I did it for the first time last season and really enjoyed it and it's actually a lot more easier to manage and causes you fewer headaches.

Pick a squad of 25 Premier League players with 160m:

3 Goalkeepers
8 Defenders
8 Midfielders
6 Forwards

Narrow this selection down each week to an 18 man 'gameweek squad' and scores points in virtually the same manner as in FPL. You do have the opportunity to swap players out who played on the Saturday for example for players who play Sunday or Monday if you think they will score more. This applies to the captain selection too.

There are NO player value changes and making transfers to your whole squad are limited to Gameweeks 1-4 and Gameweeks 20-23 so you have to do a bit of forward planning.

Highly recommended and easy to play once you've setup your 25.
I've setup a Counterglow league in the hope some of you join the fun!

Code to join this league: 7414-1961 :coolgrin:

06-08-2015, 08:35:41
I wanted to do that last season too, but outside UK they require you for Age verification to input a passport number, which I don't have
someone pointed out that even an expired passport would do, but I couldn't fetch the one i had 30 yrs ago....

I even thought to GET one, only to play UFPL, but then I got lazy :lol: