View Full Version : What was the name.........?

Resource Consumer
04-06-2015, 18:29:21
Of the game Peter Molyneaux made after Black and White? I recall that it was some sort of faction/politics fame set in Eastern Europe.

I remember it was shit as well but am tempted to find a cheap copy to abuse over Ramadhan.

04-06-2015, 19:16:04
Fable? I don't remember that as Eastern Europe, sorry. aaand it was more of an RPG or adventure/fps combo.

Resource Consumer
05-06-2015, 17:26:32
Nope. Weren't fable. Maybe it wasn't Molyneaux then? Thus us driving me nuts. I bought the game and it was really shit. So shit that I want to try it again.

That's Saudi for you.

05-06-2015, 19:09:04
I felt bad and did some Googling.

From another Lionhead guy...


Resource Consumer
05-06-2015, 23:14:18
That's it. That's the one. cheers MDA.

Now to go and find it for 10c and play it on an iPad :)