View Full Version : Is this recursion?

Resource Consumer
04-05-2015, 09:33:54
And, if not, what is it?


Provost Harrison
04-05-2015, 12:26:54
I laughed when I saw this joke:

Q: What does the B in Benoit B Mandelbrot stand for?
A: Benoit B Mandelbrot

04-05-2015, 12:55:37
Hi Keith
And, if not, what is it?


Keith Hi

04-05-2015, 21:06:23
Benoit Benoit B Mandelbrot Mandelbrot?

05-05-2015, 09:20:13
Benoit Benoit Benoit B Mandelbrot Mandelbrot Mandelbrot?

The Mad Monk
05-05-2015, 15:43:55
No, this is. (http://www.counterglow.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1062463&postcount=6)

Provost Harrison
05-05-2015, 18:03:05
I see what you did there :)

06-05-2015, 06:10:32
What is old is new again.

Provost Harrison
07-05-2015, 19:27:45
What is old is new again.

You're still old :p

08-05-2015, 06:17:54
fresh like old spice

08-05-2015, 08:55:46
Maybe a bit more stale.

08-05-2015, 21:35:20
Oh like Axe then

09-05-2015, 00:33:51
Smells like a lumberjack. :nerd::bouncmsk:

10-05-2015, 07:12:08
Who hasn't showered in months. :gasmaske:

The Mad Monk
10-05-2015, 12:38:04
Oh, a marine shower!

No longer Trippin
15-05-2015, 04:44:28
Recursin s when I design a to boss a's specs obly to have boss b ocwrulae and I hacw to Go back to the previous design. The the othe bosa decisws that was qeong, and makes me do a again. I rep we at this prpcess until I habe to work 70, hours a week for months. Finally snap and just ignore.both ofnthem. Rwv ursion isnhealthu bwcausw ypu can illustrate how wrong pwople are. The key is too run out of fucks to.give. Them the recursiob stops.

No longer Trippin
15-05-2015, 04:46:16
I just read that mess of scotch fingers. If tpun don't understand, just run outnof fucks to give ans it willnbe allnokay