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24-04-2015, 02:58:57
I normally don't buy games anymore and rarely have time to play them (but for short rogue-like sessions while taking a break at work or more rarely home).

But I am on the 2nd extended time alone this year (almost 3 weeks and will continue for at least another week if not more), and so I have purchased Cities (first period) and PoE (earlier this week).

PoE is suppose to be in the tradition of Baldur's Gate, Planescape:Torment, and Icewind Dale. However it is with a new engine and new setting and new game system.

I will admit that I while I played the above games (and Arcanum/etc), that I did a lot more reading about them then actually playing (somewhat because I never properly owned the BG games for example).

In any case, a short review:

I have played about 15 hours of PoE. I haven't played the highest difficulty, but have played the other difficulties and played Expert and with out the possibility to load saves.

There seems to be less character then some of the above games despite the interesting setting and decent writing (better than most of the older games). I think this is because it isn't in an established setting. The companions are interesting and well made, you can hire adventurers like you can design your party in Icewind Dale but I recommend using the characters.

The companions include a psycho Wizard (multiple personalities), a psycho Priest (broken because of all the terrible things he did in the last religious war), a wearied Fighter (on the losing side of a religious war), an adventuresome Ranger (left her family behind 5 years before), and a scholarly Chanter (a Bard, basically, who is trying to learn about the world). There are also a Cipher (a psionicist), a Druid, and a Paladin that I have not met yet. There are no companions which are Monks, Rogues, or Barbarians.

The combat is a lot smoother and overall everything is a lot smoother than the earlier games.

I am sure that there needs to be some balances and so on.

I have played 3 Rogues (1 died because I had forgotten that stealing was punished and one died because while unlocking things is not punished (and gives a bit of XP), it was punished one point),1 barbarian (died due to getting into too large of conflict) and 1 wizard. I have played a total of 15 hours and got done with a bit over 25% of the game with one of the Rogues that died (in about 10 hours).

This is enough to see one big complaint and it arrises from a bunch of choices which improved small things. The big complaint is that it is very 'samey'. Yes there are different directions you can go and different ways you can solve problems, I will explain.

While you can hire adventurers or have companions, there is no reason not to have companions because they are well written. However, that means that the companions are not required and so have only limited impact on the game. That means that in the first act part that I played several times was very much the same each time I played.

This is further enhanced due to the smoothness of the combat. They don't want to push you into have a DnD style Rogue and Priest, and so at least small changes in group (due to the PC or maybe a PC and an adventurer) don't really change the feel of the group. Probably if you have a big change, make a group of Wizards or Ranger/Druids it would be different.

There might be more divergences latter, but from what I read there isn't really.

But as I said, the world seems interesting and the game is fun (there are fun dungeons and castles and so on to explore and there are different ways to go about it depending on your inclinations and skills). I recommend it.


24-04-2015, 11:38:27
Wizard died because I wanted to get back quickly to the point I had been...

I think I need to just let it sit for a few weeks.