View Full Version : House Move!

17-01-2015, 11:40:23
I'm on the move again - all of half a mile but big upgrade - almost twice the size of my current place.


Just when I thought things were calming down - kids sleeping through night, no chaos at work, finances sorted etc. its two months + of lawyers, banks and estate agents - Woo!

17-01-2015, 13:46:43
Looks nice.
Best part is on top of lawyers, banks and estate agents you now have boxes of stuff to pack and un-pack! Good luck!

The Mad Monk
17-01-2015, 15:57:54

This title wasn't in the Word Association Thread! WTF is going on???

(Congrats and good luck, B1!)

17-01-2015, 19:18:14
What - have I just crashed some game you lot are playing?

Also with 15 years of word association it must be in there somewhere

17-01-2015, 19:20:10
Ahh, I have read the new rule.

Apparently I'm a gay twat who fists himself to sleep at night...

17-01-2015, 22:06:11
A man's home is his castle.
Or is it a man's castle is his home?

17-01-2015, 22:45:25
Looks good. We extended our current place instead of having the hassle of moving!

17-01-2015, 23:23:03
Looks british

Finn Willi (5)
18-01-2015, 00:13:45
Looks beautifully British.

Now you got a pretty nice place to fist yourself at nights!