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15-12-2014, 14:05:34
I've been playing this a bit.

It's good. Isometric RPG, combat like X-Com, great story, pretty cheap. :beer:

15-12-2014, 15:36:30

Cheap is what got my attention.

15-12-2014, 17:34:33
All the key information included. :beer:

I've not played any of the other Shadowrun games (think the original was 20 years ago) Did play a very small amount of the pen and paper version 20+ years ago but can't remember much other than the premise. Don't think lack of knowledge of the back story would be much of a problem.

All you need to know is it's cyberpunk with orks, elves, dwarves etc.

15-12-2014, 17:36:28
There's no tutorial, there is help you can read. Trial and error and knowing how RPGs work is enough though.

15-12-2014, 23:35:15
it's cyberpunk with orks, elves, dwarves etc.

Wait, what?

16-12-2014, 01:15:50
I played Shadowrun Returns and it was fun. I downloaded Dragonfall recently but maybe got distracted by another (much more expensive) dragon game.

16-12-2014, 09:26:05
Wait, what?

It's in the future there's an 'Awakening' and all those creatures come out of the woodwork and you can play as them etc.

Oh and I got it in a Steam daily deal which means it was exceptionally cheap.

Finn Willi (5)
16-12-2014, 21:00:09
Oh and I got it in a Steam daily deal which means it was exceptionally cheap.

Good you tell us afterwards.

17-12-2014, 09:22:08
Well by the time I started playing it to evaluate the game the deal was over. Sorry.

18-12-2014, 22:36:24
It's 50% off right now on Steam.

19-12-2014, 00:19:59
And I picked it up.

19-12-2014, 08:41:55

19-12-2014, 14:20:58
This game is full of germans, I'm scared.

19-12-2014, 16:18:42
:lol: German Trolls no less. It's basically the internet.

22-12-2014, 10:30:56
Cool, I remember playing this as the RPG many moons ago

23-12-2014, 13:21:48
How are you finding it Fist?

23-12-2014, 16:15:59
Awesome. I had never imagined the game (Dragonfall) was about the Luftwaffe shotting down a dragon after 4 months of fight but.. it's cool.

I'm not sure how far in the story I am now (I think near the end, I'm about one mission away to get the 50k requirement for paying Alice) as I'm doing all the side missions but I love the depth and lore and expecially how well designed in terms of background and interaction party members are, reminds me of DA1.

I wish there was a mage in your team (the ones you get are mercenaries and I never select them to go on missions cause I'm scrooge) and I'm not sure why the 'jack of all trades' character development is punished so much, there is a shitton of stuff to try and you always fell short on points to spend.

Overall thumbs up for this old style rpg.

Finn Willi (5)
23-12-2014, 22:33:42
Okay. I'll put in on my "Steam Wishlist" right away. I'll wait for yet another sale. :violin:

24-12-2014, 11:00:11
You're much further on than me already then Fist.

I've got a mage on my team? Dietrich.

24-12-2014, 20:25:23
Yeah but I see Dietrich as a shaman since I pretty much only use him that way and the development paths you can choose suggest going that way (summoning elementals bonus and so on).

There are mage mercs to pick up (apparently dwarfs are the best mages) which are much better than him in the specific mage part but as I said spending money on them is a no no for me.

My main is a decker/rigger and the cost of Cyberdecks, programs to use in the matrix, combat drones and so on leaves me very little cash to spend elsewhere. Can't even affrord a second class A drone or cyberware right now :(

27-12-2014, 10:11:29
I've got a street-samurai, and it basically makes the one you get on the team redundant (except she's probably better than me)