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14-08-2014, 22:27:56
I wanted to buy some "stock"? plaster? the thing you put on walls to straighten them up for painting. (I'm sure I'll do a louzy job :lol: )

outside the shop I met a plumber I know. Moderately old, he had striken me as a regular joe, polite and stuff. asking me how is the family etc. did a mediocre but ok job in the past.

we started talking.
some of the tidbits of the conversation:

_golden davn is the only chance this country has
_if he went inside the parliement he would chop off heads
_the husband of a lady in a house he went to fix things, is a cia agent and had classified information that GD didnt get 8% in the last elections but 18% and was the first party
_ we should hire only greek plumbers
_in a few years there will be no homeland
_ he is "nationproud"

basically he is a little fascist.
he didnt look it at all though. how dissapointing though.... the equivalant of waking up in a KKK meeting or something like that. shivers (he was probably one of those fascists that killed democratic people in the past, i'm sure - or his daddy was)

16-08-2014, 02:13:21
He is definitely a neo-Nazi.