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05-08-2014, 18:37:07
(BTW I'm not drunk haha :) Not been for a long time)

The issue i want to touch is this: you have me with two perfect language skills, post graduate degree and other stuff. but in our glorious system I get graded below a person who has only finished elementary school.
because he knows some politician.

i try not to take the whole thing seriously (even if it could cost me my job), which means that it doesnt matter what you have studied, if you do a good or bad job but who you know.

thankfully i'm close to paying off the mortage completely (I even have enough money in the bank to do it right now) so i'm not worried about that.

I also becamse so disenchanted that I called in my old job and they'll ask about me coming back tomorrow.

The whole thing is ridiculous because it's so cheap. not even the slightest pretext is kept.

it doenst matter if you have degrees, it doesnt matter if you work, it matters WHO YOU KNOW.

glorious public sector.
plus i have the disadvantage of
a. having grown up abroad
b. being honest
c. not particularly gifted in intrigue

all those things mean that I am very ill equipped to deal with the greek system.

05-08-2014, 18:42:45
i'm completely alien.

at least in the private sector there was justice
dang.... it's hard to live in kuanta lupur

I want some colorful feathers adornishing my hair because you have to walk the part.

plus i can't really go abroad because that means there are people who would be a bit sad.
although really, in times like this, that's really what I want to do.

sucks being an only child.
if i had a brother or sister, i'd definitely have been the adventorous one.

05-08-2014, 19:02:32
ok I am drinking one can of beer.

and as i was saying yeah...

the ideal would be to return where you grew up because let's face it home is your childhood memories.
it's unfair to have grown somewhere else and then when you're a young adult thrown into this.

first, it's all cement
next the people are impolite. really really impolite.
third, it's very dirty.
fourth, there is no sense of meritocracy, nepotism runs rampant.

and that politeness, damn it I miss it.
I miss the civility.

and I guess all this absurd self defeating ugliness manifests itself more strongy in the public sector.
in the private, some pretexts were kept. and people wer emuch more sane. and actually worked. there was no such irrationality.

so not only kuanta lupur but public kuanta lupur.

I still love it here it's where i'm from and i absolutely love some people here. but the rest, it's completely shit.

i wish i could close my eyes then open them and be in heverlee or something