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30-07-2014, 17:25:25
Zpapa has left, took Mad Squirrel with him. They are off to a family cottage in Ontario for two weeks. Much fishing to be done. Is peaceful here now :bounce: No "I don't eat olives, capers, ham, etc etc"

Zpapa was wise, when he left he handed me a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. I'll be kind and wait for him to get back before opening. I'll console myself with some old vines Zinfandel :D

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01-08-2014, 13:24:17
Ontario, home of the black fly and mosquito. :bounce:

01-08-2014, 23:31:59
Ontario, land of family cottage. If I go there on "vacation" I get to cook, do laundry, do dishes, clean cottage...plus clean the fish they catch and cook it. It's always bass and not my favorite. I get the honors of cleaning since I know how to use a knife ;) Staying home with the dog and Lady Rachel is more restful :beer:

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05-08-2014, 12:18:14
If they can go without you, it means they can do all those things, so just take a stack of books, music player and headphones and a large sign saying "NO, I CAN'T I'M ON VACATION"

05-08-2014, 13:14:02
Pity poor Mad Squirrel. :(

C.G.B. Spender
05-08-2014, 14:22:42
Squirrels love that kind of stuff