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10-07-2014, 21:19:51
I was with the SO in tender moments in a plaza. Some punks, 4 or 5 of them, pass by and one says "you'll split up".

I just sat there for a moment and said" hey did this really happen?"

Then I turn my head and shout "fuck you".
They turned, looked scared and kept walking.

Yeah keep walking PUNKS

10-07-2014, 21:20:55
(I never did that before. Never had to really).
It feels good. I would have shouted even more but I wouldnt want the night ruined.
Hmm, I think I did ok.

Venom would have shot them of course.

I could shout even more or say something even more vexing. The police was two feet away, I was covered if they'd charged me.

Oh. Anyway.

10-07-2014, 21:24:13
btw a great algerian song


11-07-2014, 13:49:33
The oracle of delphi spoke and you told him to fuck off?

Good job

12-07-2014, 21:36:12
why not? alexander cut the gordian knot.

plus if it was really the oracle it would not be dressed like a punk and would have given a true divination whose genuine character can always be recognized by its ambivalance.

I just told some punks to fuck off (and they did. i must be quite a fearsome sight sometimes)

12-07-2014, 21:44:33
"I was with the SO in tender moments in a plaza. Some punks, 4 or 5 of them, pass by and one says "you'll split up"."
can you rephrase this please, I don't get it

12-07-2014, 21:45:55
for example it could be something like this:
fear the euros and sacrifice plenty to aelos god of the winds of investment, offer her the holidays she seeks and take plenty of great swims in great beaches, fear not thy wallet as it leaves your pocket for cunning is the goddess athina as she wispers complains to the ear of mortal women which later turn to endless nagging.
Give in to the pleasures of dionysus and forgo all dreams of midas for everything is ephemeral and everything flows.
Thy savings will not accompany you in hades and that young man who can swim and eat and laugh will be a toothless old man tomorrow and the only thing to show would be paid bills.
In short, go to have some fecking vacations.

12-07-2014, 22:01:12

16-07-2014, 20:53:43
Well we went, and it was great.
It also had the side effect of a scadily clad 16 year old french girl hitting on you fair and square and that is God testing your meddle and you persevere.