View Full Version : credit cards and foxy charts

03-07-2014, 21:15:56
I never used a credit card out of ideology but now I've stuffed my ideology where the sun doesn't shine so I can get swarovsky jewlry for the SO (and mom) on their birthdays.

I'm a sold out. But it feels nice.

Also a breath of fresh air not knowing exactly what your next instalment payment would be!

03-07-2014, 21:17:25
Plus it's so easy.
No cash? No problem.
Take this little card. One, two , three isntalments

gah. I have to control it.

(it is rather convinient though. plus it bypasses my tightass money spending habits quite splendidly)

03-07-2014, 21:38:28
in other news i went to ikea and bought a cheap ass storage facility and put order in the spare room and now it is functioning and has a bed.

in not so good news, minor panic attacks are flirting with me those last few days.
in good news, no drinking for almost one month now (with one exception)

in good news everything is like before

in bad news everything is like before

in good news i have a house, a car, a family, a SO

in bad news I feel like I'm suffocating

in good news I have a life into which i'm suffocating into

beats getting suffocated into a void

03-07-2014, 21:57:09
I never used a credit card out of ideology

What kind of ideology is that :o

03-07-2014, 22:39:46
The irony of a greek person not using a credit card is palpable.

Dyl Ulenspiegel
04-07-2014, 09:19:37
The classic story of the left: From would-be revolutionary to banksters' asspuppet.