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04-05-2014, 19:12:49
Is tottally shit. really and I'm sorry but it's for 5 year olds.
the first one had some cinematographic novelty, so many oily bodybuilding and white teeth grinding was something.
but this instalment is shit.
still i guess many would like that better than sitting down for a history course

that made me think of the greek americans i've met at an island.
their dad had made soooo much money in the US, he just built a hotel on his island. yeah why not

the kids though were so after materialistic stuff and they always kept watching some movies with very rich black people fast cars, jewelry and explosions. all the time.
and they were seriously commenting on them, like that is a good car, yeah. or, that is a good phone

i dont belong in this world

Finn Willi (5)
05-05-2014, 10:58:28
don't we all...

Finn Willi (5)
05-05-2014, 10:59:48
At least I do not. Too many people don't believe in unicorns anymore.


The Mad Monk
06-05-2014, 18:06:06
I prefer pegacorns. More mobility.

Finn Willi (5)
07-05-2014, 09:30:39


07-05-2014, 23:31:50
he's probably greek american