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had a guided tour of a museum (and after that ,guided tours are the way to GO. Even if you don't have/ can't afford a guide, simply follow inciscpsiciously (argh) another guide of another group. act cool and detached and mildly interested but stick to him/her like glue.

so, things I learned and made an impression.

1. ancient greeks used THE EXACT SAME TALISHMEN ORTHODOX CHURCH USES for praying against diseases. a tit, a chest, a leg, an icon of whatever was offered to the temple to cure that particular body part. the exact same thing goes on today! only instead of temples they are deposited in churches and instead of the icons being from carved marble, they are from bronze.

2. before the persian invasion and sacking of athens all statues were like happy and smiling and TRALALA. After the sacking of athens they were morose, concerned (yet determined - to rebuild it)

3. centaurs were depicted in statues etc to be more vile than greeks for one reason: they represented animalistic feelings against REASON (which the greeks had)

so animal like centaur face? - animalistic feelings

cool beautiful greek face: reason

keep it cool

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Yeah, I saw all of that stuff in the British Museum. Cool. :rolleyes::nervous:

Dyl Ulenspiegel
01-05-2014, 14:40:56
So you were really surprised that Christianity is just a new coating of the old religion?

01-05-2014, 19:06:04
I knew that for example the feasts (christmass, easter) were just followings of older similar chronically rituals. even that some saints were really old gods (saint nicolas = poseidon)
but these talishmen icons are so familiar and feel so close to heart and to everyday customs that it was really notesworthy. it felt like nothing had changed, in that respect, from thousands of years. it was identical.

01-05-2014, 19:17:28
and then again it was not totally identical.
because one can argue that from a sociology POV, a monotheistic religion marks a point of further maturity for the human kind and that the teachings of christianity (love, compassion) were in sharp contrast to the sometimes perceived cruelty of the old gods, and that in itself is a betterment of the human race
and that's fine.

BUT, on the same level one can argue that the jewdaic life austerity, its inhuman moral autism is in fact in sharp contrast with the hedonistic, free approach of the dodecatheon and the greeks.
like having the monastery's nun become prime minister.
that's repulsive.