View Full Version : You Probably Won't Believe This

Resource Consumer
24-04-2014, 11:32:31
I was at our local health centre earlier this week in order to update some of the kids' vaccinations.

In this particular centre, they have installed a new appointments system that seems to work pretty well. Rather than the doctor coming into the waiting room and bellowing the name of the patient, the system makes a loud beep and the name of the patient comes up on a LCD screen and instructions as to what room/doctor to go to.

Imagine my amusement when the person next up was.......Mr Josh Rogan. :)

24-04-2014, 13:06:55
I don't believe that. :hmm:

24-04-2014, 13:54:32
Did he look tasty?

Dyl Ulenspiegel
24-04-2014, 14:41:43
Another Keith?

Resource Consumer
24-04-2014, 22:34:44
I think he had some dietary issues