View Full Version : Ways to safely store large amounts of tobacco

22-03-2014, 13:41:14
Like a kilogram.
I think I need to put it in a paper box (not plastic bag) and have a humidifier in it.
I was thinking a large box of paper from a laptop embalage and for humidifier a small glass inside the box with a large piece of wet cotton? :gotit:

(and bye ever buying cigarretes again. It will last me untill I quit)

22-03-2014, 14:29:36
plastic bag with some patato skin

22-03-2014, 16:22:32
Just smoke it in one go.

22-03-2014, 16:42:37
And then I go too. Bye bye :D
Mr Bjoe, I'm thinking patato skins would stick to the tabaco.
I went ahead with my original plan for the time being.
There's a huge box filled with tabaco on my storage room.
Got it from my SO's uncle.
I asked him to go out to treat him to a taverna or something whenever he is in Athens but he just said his reward is that I liked the tobacco. He said I should go drink a tsipouro (like ouzo) with the SO at his health :)
SO's family is generally very sweet. And some of them smoke.