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18-03-2014, 22:42:58
saw a movie by some embassy about the fate of jews in belgium.
i dont think i had ever understood, really, why the jews were singled out and made a podium out of their suffering.
i mean you hear and you know about awsvitz etc but the nazi brutality was so profound in greece you never really could tell the difference.
at that film, there was accounts from actual jews living in brussels.
some stories were really riveting.

two observations:
there was a systematic singling out of jews. just because there were jews.
belgium and many other countreis didnt mount the resistance greece and serbia and others did so they had fewer countermeasures from the nazis.
so it shows more clearly in these countries the nazi exterminate the jews policy.

the ambassador left us with a parting thought saying that beneath the acropolis it is true that the majority rules but that we have to always respect the minority
pretty cool :beer:
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18-03-2014, 23:25:02
i mean i remember talking with that danish guy and he used to tell me what a great resistance they mounted because the nazis had a curfew at night BUT THEIR KING RODE OUT ON HIS HORSE ON THE STREETS AFTER MIDNIGHT :lol: :lol: :lol:

meanwhile greeks were blowing up nazis by the pound and serbians were mailing hitler the cut off private parts of gestapo soldiers


funny danes

18-03-2014, 23:59:27
nazi attrocities are endless but lets hear some.

belgian jew family were in their house. gestapo comes on knocking.
dad and son hide inside some self made attick box thing.
wife and three daughters stay at house.

"they never take the women. this has never happened".

gestapo takes the women. death camps. dead.
when the son and dad came out of the hiding place, they found an empty house. no more mom, no more two daughters aged 17 and 19.
o right, third daughter aged 14 had gone to the cinema. returns to en empty house.

bridge blown up. some nazi bastards dismembered.
gestapo rules, everyone within 30 kilometers of the bombed site will be exterminated,
a village near by.
the gestapo bastards shoot the mother in the head. the nazi soldier uses the knife at the edge of his gun to slaughter her baby.

the baby, miraculosly survives.
people playing dead beneath the dead bodies tell the story. save the baby.