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14-03-2014, 21:41:43
there were erotic stories and songs and a huuuge map of all the islamic world. (it did feel a bit threatening. not a good idea to have such large maps). (btw IM SURE FYROM is not over 50% islamic).

the songs were strange and nice like that indian music organ but held on the lap of the player. pling plong pling plong

the stories had vast describing ability. rich vocabulary, vivid, detailed and bold descriptions. (a little less talking a little more action please) and it was almsot always about a wife cheating her husband.:violin:

14-03-2014, 21:52:25
also another observation: argentina seems to be like the size of the whole of europe.... and brazil like two times that...holly molly

15-03-2014, 03:02:22
...(a little less talking a little more action please)...

King paiktis!:cool:

15-03-2014, 15:20:59
Gall-Peters I'll bet. I actually do not mind the Mercator distortion too much because it makes it look like Russia, Canada and that emerging superpower, Greenland, dominate the globe.