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Resource Consumer
06-03-2014, 22:46:05
Hey people! News.

Having finally despaired of sticking feed in the trough of this rapacious government I have decided to quit the country.

As of late July, I will be living in Saudi Arabia.

Of course, I will have my own forum which will follow leading edge policies of moderation. Double post - one limb removed, double login - stoning to death. Seems pretty fair.

Seriously. :) I will be quitting the UK for 3+ years and hopefully (via VPN at least) will be able to post as (in)frequently as before.

06-03-2014, 23:11:30
Stay cool! :cool:

Resource Consumer
06-03-2014, 23:58:15
I'll try

Temperature at 45-50 degrees in July to September. However, gasoline price at 10c per gallon means running the aircon is no problem :)

07-03-2014, 03:24:44
Are they going to keep you locked in a walled compound like they do all the other foreigners?

07-03-2014, 09:22:50
Wow. Good luck?

Should we try and meet up before you go?

Dyl Ulenspiegel
07-03-2014, 09:25:19
Saudi fuckin' Arabia, of all places.

Well, will be Keithi Arabia in the futrue.

Resource Consumer
07-03-2014, 10:12:19
Well, I will have a luxury prison with armed guards, swimming pool etc etc.

In reality, it is not like it was 20 or so years ago with the internet etc and you can bypass some of the Saudi internet restrictions via VPN,

Yes, we should try and arrange a meet. After I go, I will be severely restricted as to the amount of time in the UK due to tax reasons.

07-03-2014, 11:35:36
Maybe June?

Mr. Bas
07-03-2014, 23:54:25
Of all places. Enjoy :beer:

Resource Consumer
08-03-2014, 01:00:07
It, perhaps, shows my level of disgust with the UK :)

May or June would work.

Finn Willi (5)
08-03-2014, 12:11:01
word association:

Lawrence of Arabia.

08-03-2014, 18:03:02
An uncle of mine worked there at an oil company for years.
He has become filthyyy rich. And yep, his family lived in those big camps with barbed wire and armed soldiers around. Fun times :rolleyes:
Still, all the best :beer:
On a side note, his daughter once decided to go to the market (outside the camp) and she was of course arrested by the moral(?) police for not wearing that burka sheet. She showed them her passport and they let her go with a reprimant.

09-03-2014, 10:57:13
But you'll miss all our lovely water!

Make sure I'm aware if there is a meet before you go.

10-03-2014, 07:28:04
no porn?

10-03-2014, 09:22:38
But you'll miss all our lovely water!

Make sure I'm aware if there is a meet before you go.

Are you on the same mobile number?

10-03-2014, 14:26:40
Will be slightly disappointed if we learn that RC can get to the site without a VPN. 13 years of bullshit posting for nothing - no blocks, no bans.

10-03-2014, 21:23:14
Are you on the same mobile number?

(Apparently a 1 character response was too short.)

Resource Consumer
10-03-2014, 23:13:49
Well, I will certainly try sans VPN. If I can get on then you will all have to redouble your efforts.

Wow - I wish I had a VPN years ago. So much fun, moderator baiting :)

11-03-2014, 00:09:30
Good thing you have stopped drinking. :cute:
Best of luck, RC!

11-03-2014, 11:55:29
Get RC so drunk he doesn't want to drink again for 3+ years. (challenge accepted)

11-03-2014, 12:23:17

11-03-2014, 12:45:35
Voluntarily? Or are you being imported to the middle east for World Cup slave labor?

11-03-2014, 13:14:41
Presumably it's to rape the planet faster, the bastard.

11-03-2014, 13:23:36
At least with that part of the world it already looks like it's been raped.:funko: