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26-02-2014, 18:39:17
not "Take" meaning to kill
but take as in "handle"

is it ok to be like i dont give a fuck and tralala

humour and satyre and cynisim hide great pain mixed with resignation.
it's always true!

should you just ehm, be tralala?
i can never do that.

should you worry?
because there is a quota of worrying you have to do. it's like praying.
you cant live your life light as a feather, it's not worth living

and when you have in front of you the kindness impersonated, someone you love very much and hit a heart crushing obstacle then your core foundations shake
and it is these moments when you make LIFE DECISIONS.
i feel my heart very often play irregulated rythmes. it skips beats and beats fast then uncontrollably then kind of fainting spells and then shivers and then loss of breath
and then i cry a lot sometimes i cant hold it
Life decisions.
should you be tralala or should you suffer?
you should suffer
sometimes thre's the thinking that a bullet through your head solves all problems.
delimas are gone.
but you cant do that because you will let people down.
and really, if you're going to do that, then why not just keep on living.
should you allow yourself a little bit of instantaneous oblivions here and there?
you MUST do that or you'll suffocate. can't be all the time in front of a rockhard reality that demands you take the one or the other road.
besides thinking provides nothing.
it's living that shows you the way
i kind of hate my heart though keeps beating whenever she likes and aches all the time

26-02-2014, 18:53:31
you should not let other people down, and you should not let yourself down.
alber camus absurdicism doesnt hold very well when there are prefabricated expectations.
of course that's a projection. there are prefabricated expectations everywhere, if you listen to some of them it's because you want to listen.
besides, science and philosophy are all crap they dont solve shit.
it's the beating human heart that solves everything one way or another.
it's times like this you want to believe there is a divine plan and to let go.
and I'm willing to do that because that exactly is life.
life is living life, being there

you see some rock formations. how can you choose which road to take to get to the sea? there's a path that has been walked a lot of times and the rocks glissen. it's a road traveled. and there are other roads less traveled. but all those roads have let people to the sea. the thing is not to get crushed on the rocks. also that is what you're gonna do if you close your heart and ignore your feelings. what happens when feelings collide like rocks? it's so funny everything is in the hands of God.

27-02-2014, 03:40:14
If you don't laugh you cry or to use another lame cliche when life hands you lemons make lemonade.

27-02-2014, 11:21:22
It's quicker to say "I don't know how to handle life" rather than explain that you didn't mean "take life".

Generally using the right words is quicker.

27-02-2014, 14:34:09
I think the first two posts were heartfelt; nevertheless, when it comes to philosophy, I am still a follower of the Hardman.

27-02-2014, 14:36:04


27-02-2014, 16:10:59
It's quicker to say "I don't know how to handle life" rather than explain that you didn't mean "take life".

Generally using the right words is quicker.


And by cornbread, I don't mean corn bread, I mean blasphemous. And by blasphemous I don't mean in a religious sense, I mean pish posh.

whatever that means.

27-02-2014, 16:54:55
You're right Venom!

And I don't mean you're right in the sense that you are correct, I mean that your are a blithering nincompoop speaking nonsense.

07-03-2014, 16:48:37
I know it's more efficient to use the appropriate words.
But writing's efficiency is not about using efficient words but conveying feelings the writer has. This can be done with various "incorrect" ways.
Words and the use pf them are about the feelings they convey to the reader.
To "take life" has the meaning to "kill or commit suicide" (the same in greek) and it portreys how bad I was feeling when I wrote that.
The explanation that followed is rationalization of the absurdity of such a statement.
None of all of those happens consciously though. It's like automatic writing.
Of course the whole project failed miserably on a writer-reader relation since that was not passed over.
It did feel good writing it though.

10-03-2014, 09:20:11
This is why you are the poet.