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15-01-2014, 17:23:00
do you know dieudonne?
he's a french comedian who got his show cancelled because they say it's racist.
he says that all he wants to do is demonstrate that the jewish community has monopolized suffering and is the only community in france that has an immunity to redicule or to racist expressions.
It's great dieudonne. for two reasons
first i listen to tons of dieudonne interviews in french and again have a reason to savour the language like honey in my mouth (the second best thing than doing that with an actual french girl)
and second, since basically everything in europe starts in france, i do believe that this polemic is a view of things to come.
personally i dont think that dieudonne is against jews, he's against racism and the selectivity of sensitivity on that issue.


p.s. on a side note, i think dieudonne serves for bringing france together. but it is a shame this is done on the expsnse of other people.
but maybe this is the face of the new france. europeans/arabs/blacks together. which is lovely IF an "external enemy" would not be fabricated (even though as i said i dont think dieudonne is racist)


15-01-2014, 18:00:52
So what you're saying is that Dieudonne is bringing to the attention of France that he's against racism as a whole by deliberately being racist against the Jews?:drekkus:

Yes we know about him: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/quenelle-comedian-dieudonn-mbala-mbalas-show-is-banned-in-france-9044504.html

15-01-2014, 18:11:41
that's a rather epidermic piece of journalism.

the way i see it (from reading/hearing about it) is that there's a difference of sensitivity in what regards persecutions of racist attacks/jokes on people of a jewish religion.
the same pertinence is not shown when other communities/ minorities are attacked/ made fun of.
dieudonne holds that many people suffered, on various scales of suffering, yet it is odd, he says, that only against people of jewish religion there is such immediate "protection", let's say.

that his words have become more and more political and less satyrical is true but imho at the heart of the debate is the racist thing and the allegended difference of sensitivity on this

17-01-2014, 12:09:00
I think if he would have done something similar against another group of people, the same thing would have happened.

17-01-2014, 12:11:33
I concur.

The absolute best interpretation of what he's saying seems to be : Why can't we be racist against Jews when we can be racist about all these other groups?

Why not just not be racist about the others dickwad?