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11-12-2013, 16:31:02
I went to a presentation of a book which is the only meaningful thing I've done in weeks.
I have read plenty from that writer and always admired his grasp of the language. He's also exceptionally provocative.
I've seen him signing some books and I went there and ... I felt my knees sort of giving way and after many years I felt... in awe in front of someone and like a child. He was hugely welcoming and generous in his attitude. Not one bit arrogant.
I kind of stumbled for words (rare) and I managed the only phrase that came out with potency was about one of his books "How STRONG a book".
Apparently that was enough and he made a special dedication to his book for me!
I felt at home amongst all those people there. It was fantastic.
His new book is a love story but also talks about the civil war.
He showed us some pictures from WW2 when the nazis would put in a cage naked men in front of a train in order to avert bombings from the rebels.
The men trapped there by the nazis would shout out to the rebels BLOW IT UP ANYWAY!
Some other rose up and said what a challenge it is now to have that relationship with germany.
Then he showed another picture. The december 1944 (was it?) december events. When the british opened fire at the crowd murdering people from the communist party (or supporters). The event that led to the civil war.
The attrocities were so many.
Scobby (the then british foreign minister?) would sent cans of food. The rebels would fill them with poweder and blow up the british and greek nazi sympathizers (exactly the same kind of people).
He also said about a story when some journalists in britain were questioning to whose people (former nazi collaborators) the british gave their support, some british official came.
The greek former nazi/current british sympathizers dug up graves of the murdered communists chopped off noses/ears and laid them on the ground to "present" them to the british as their own casualties and to show how bad the communists were!

Also he talked of the civil war paradox that in a society where the left wing was the overwhelming majority, it lost (through massive foreign intervantion).
He said, and I agree, that these wounds are not closed. Because NOONE talks about them. And because the winners treated the defeated without honor.
So it lives ON.

Then the band played some great jazz :D
all in all a fantastic evening