View Full Version : nigel farage and the independance of scotland

05-12-2013, 18:21:39
i've been watching so much english channels :D
(youtube, nothing else to do somedays)
i can say the debates/problematics are identical with the greek ones but there are big differences.
there is very little shade of racism in the public dialogue (yes even from ukip).

very seldom someone would INTERRUPT the other while he is talking.
disagreeing is OK and doesnt elicit blind rage.
facts are much more often used to debate
sentimentalism is almost absent (by greek standards)

all in all, the matters discussed are exactly the same. the WAY the dialogue is conducted is very, very much different.
i was surprised cause i thought some matters are unique to a country but they are exactly the same AND the arguments are exactly the same.
the way they are presented though is different.

also seeing scottish footbal fans (the hooligans) is a frigtening site.:gasmaske_disc:

p.s. also i wouldnt want to live there for too long (must reassure cameron :D) . too cold, too... moist :D too green, too many lakes must have a radiator in your arms all the time. (the concerts seem to be great though) also scotland seems very much worse weather/topographically wise than england
i wouldnt change greece for the uk. greece is screwed up but awesome.
some infusion of british rhetorics though would be very much welcomed. would calm the nerves.

06-12-2013, 09:22:40