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hellenic statistics commision survey about poverty has caused shock since it showed that greeks are not the bazillionaires we all thought they were. according to the survey almost 1 million families live with an annual income of less than 1000 euros a month, so we all can comperehend that 1000 euros is enough for a family to live.
As the survey shows one in four greeks are in danger of falling in poverty, while the other three are in danger because of the riches that can destroy a man, since we all know from the old greek movies, that poor people are good while the rich ones are heartless and they take advantages of their riches so as to pork poor girls with large knockers.
Over one million Greeks live in households where noone of their members works or one momber worked for less than 3 months., so we can comprehend that money is not everything in order for a family to survive. since it can live off love alone.
Besides, Greeks don't complain so it is clrystal clear that they dig poverty and they got tired from all those years living it large and drinking champagne.
The danger of poverty declines for people over 65 years old and that make sense, because after 65 you're more in danger of dying than of being poor.
Generally, it is positive that Greeks are massively dying and so they won't have to live a life in poverty.

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drunk posting again?

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part wine part vitriolic irony