View Full Version : +and- things I did today

25-11-2013, 21:43:54
-- went to work
+ surfed the net
-- worked (very little)
+thought about how I could change job
-talked to people at work
+ate a grandiose pizza slice
+made french coffee
-got sleepy after waking up early
+talked with the SO and made fun of everybody
-&+ thought that grandma was still alive
-stayed the whole required hours at work
+took the bus home
+read some more excerpts about dalai lama's guide to happiness
-&+ went to the supermarket and storred up
+made nice food
+talked to mom and auntie
+made dark chocolate drink
-smoked a lot
+bought a magazine and read about nagorno karabah (azerian-armenia conflict)
+talked with the SO about various issues
+washed clothes
-tried to fix washing machine but couldnt (it's effing broken)
+played some games
-posting on CG :p

25-11-2013, 21:48:52