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19-11-2013, 17:33:22
finding myself really at a loss as concerning absolutely immediate goals, I made the rare decision to invest in my work. That has suprisingly led to some trips abroad.
And, after a long time, Europe here I come again :D

Now from the eyes of an adult, I feel sad.
Even southern europe, spain, it is leagues ahead of us.
now with the greek presidency of the EU I see all those serious countries, planning, making contacts, arranging things in advance (thse countries are: the UK, Germany, France).
Sure their officials only have the good of their corporations in mind (even if they mistake it for the good of their countries) but to my mind what they do is very easy to do.
and the greek planning is spastic, uncoordinated.

in spain everyone confused me for spanish. tourists were asking me for directions and everyone was saying hola to me.
of course i replied with "grecia grecia!!" but some observations.

spanish are inherently more polite than greeks. they have huge empires backing them up, you can see it from their cities.

and, once again I realized the shortsighted antagonism of countries like turkey trying to mess up greece and cyprus.
that's OK. I mean, that's what it is expected of them to do.
but can't they see?
And greece is trying to screw up turkey as well.

sigh... some things, never, ever change (Although turks have kick ass diplomacy, we have *gulp* the EU.
yep... sure as rain, always on our side (no joke, it's real i've seen it in action).

oh well depressing if not for the georgous spanish cities (or catalonian)

19-11-2013, 17:44:28
and unexpectandly enough, I seem to have made a german conquest which I would have pursued ruthlessly were I not a spoken for man.
(still have it though it would seem. refreshing)
and germans, in general are funny (and excrusiately organized)

19-11-2013, 17:46:19
the french should be left to attend to their wines and cheese and generally enjoy life.
germans should work (it really makes them happy)
and greeks should just stroll and peruse soaking up the experiences, their sences like tentacles

19-11-2013, 17:54:23
and americans, they made me believe they were those who instilled the dicatorship in greece.
they seemed to be furious at me (for protecting greek read corporate) interests? (yes against other non eu countries)
did they see me as the single global force for bringing down world economy?

i simply felt indifferent towards them.

oh well. *shrugs*

19-11-2013, 17:55:53
Children of the revolution and I'm not talking about flowers. the one that brought down the greek junta in kissinger's face. those children US corporatists feckers
(a socialist gov would be so much better. oh well)

19-11-2013, 17:57:38
and austrians are positively very very funny.
best to hang with, besides arabs
(and the german girl)

20-11-2013, 05:06:30
Wait! There are still a few countries you have not applied ridiculous stereotypes to yet.

20-11-2013, 10:49:44

20-11-2013, 12:16:08
yaay man what about the Netherlands, can't wait for your point of view

20-11-2013, 15:50:24
dutchies are all sweet and cute!

21-11-2013, 13:31:16
of course, that germans are funny is a world known stereotype :D

(and i can only comment on the people i frequented (or frequented me) on that particular evening. don't be vexed if I didnt sterotyped you :D

that in some respects greeks are far closer to arabs for example is something that was proven again. and that in some other things are closer to europeans.

italy i have nothing to say 'cause it was like talking to my grosery store owner (aka nothing stood out)

21-11-2013, 13:50:20
however, on a political front i can comment that i saw first hand how difficult it is to break up the EU. in a country that people are jumping off windows, extreme poverty is the norm, people are living without electricity and are borrowing food from their neighboors to survive, i think that this difficulty could be very well exploited.
then again breaking up the EU would not be so difficult after all. in any case there needs to be a new gov that can exploit this interdependency to their peoples' advantage.
anyway only 3 parliementarians to go and the current gov collapses. from 176 to 153 and they need 151. then chaos could be spawned all over the old continent in genuine self preservation mode.

22-11-2013, 10:23:06
ok ok i do think you made some good points.
Last day i went to a lecture of Point Supreme a Athen based architecture firm and they were talking about the projects they did in the last 5 years.
A lot of them were reactions to the crisis and the way Athens cope with that at the moment.
I really love those guys and their work and i felt so ignorant because the current situation and the things that happened last years in Athens are so unknown by me.
I must say I am not a big newspaper reader but i think that the information about the poverty, riots etc. does not reach our Newspapers anymore.
And by our i meant the northern European countries who are in a crisis also.
And by crisis i meant we are not able to go on holdays three times a year or buy our third car.

22-11-2013, 10:56:32

22-11-2013, 15:52:42
Not to mention the third coffee maker!!

22-11-2013, 17:19:57
what theird car? you have a fiat uno :D

22-11-2013, 17:23:15
btw dutchieland is not in crisis.
doy you remember that best friend of mine that had married a ducthie girl and she left and took the kid with her (as she should)
she found a job as secretary at a ngo and she clears 1400 euros an month for par time job (4 hourss a day)
plus she lives in a village near ultrecht (i think it's called) and the rent is minimum

so there's no comparison. that's why I DO hope that another gov takes hold and really go for the grexit (and good luck to the rest)