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08-11-2013, 20:01:41
i've been thinking since being in the thick of it,
there is technology and investments etc

but then there are nations and the private sector.

if humanity could overcome some things, then for a certain project, the goal would be to create something for the good of humanity and not for the good of a nation (and not even that, for the good of some corporations of said nation).

straw dogs remains a very good book

some sort of global communism (in the real sens not the half cocked existed communism) would be the answer although that would be utopic for the present human mindset

when you hear nation that means corporations, it has few things to do with people
when you hear democracy it just means the savagery of the free markets, it has nothing to do with the people

it's an orwalian world because the words have their meaning twisted.

i'm sure there are people that thing like me and can be found in some autonomous self governing street slums as well as in the UN.

it makes no sense to fight for a nation. it's short sighted.
it makes sense to fight for global ideals.

i don't share the enthousiasm of a negotiation gone "very well" when the interests are simply those of a "nation" (which means corporations). it leaves an empty feeling

08-11-2013, 20:09:56
like little children fighting over toys.
although I suppose there are peopel that sincerely believe that this system is just or they have come to mine realization long ago and have decided to fight within the existing system in order to better things. but... I don't believe that's true. The system wil devour any noble motive and attitude. It is the constant transparent tidal information of the masses that creates an everpresent shield against the unjust accumulation of wealth. but when the media are so much controled that's difficult

08-11-2013, 20:24:36
also it's kind of sickening (and not wisely diplomatic at all) to inflame national differences for petty personal gain.
blessed are the peacemakers, said jesus

08-11-2013, 23:12:58
blessed are the pacemakers, said Dr. Patel

11-11-2013, 10:26:07
What about the pacemakers?:drekkus: