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08-11-2013, 17:35:23

A group of people dressed as Batman, Robin, David Hasselhoff and a Smurf helped police officers catch a criminal in an East Lothian supermarket.

A man dressed as Robin was on Eskview Road in Musselburgh when he was assaulted just before 20:00 on Friday.

He and his friends, who were all in fancy dress, called police before chasing the attacker into Tesco.

After a scuffle in the toilet roll aisle, a 21-year-old man was arrested. He later pled guilty in court.

08-11-2013, 17:52:26
Aww no pictures of the brave heros! I wonder which Smurf it was...:D

Dyl Ulenspiegel
10-11-2013, 19:06:18
Sounds like a page out of that old batman tv series.

The Mad Monk
11-11-2013, 14:00:29
Are you sure this wasn't sottish crimefighting?

Finn Willi (5)
24-11-2013, 14:42:55
I love the Scottish! The funny thing is, I know someone in WEST Lothian, just around the corner. Possibly the Smurf. Only very few people would try (and succeed) chasing criminals dressed as a Smurf...

24-11-2013, 15:08:57
I think the theme to The Smurfs, sung over and over, could bring down any criminal. :gasmaske:

Finn Willi (5)
25-11-2013, 19:14:42
Not only criminals, I'm afraid...

25-11-2013, 19:15:46
Got it stuck in your head now? :D

Finn Willi (5)
25-11-2013, 19:17:16

25-11-2013, 20:00:31
West and East Lothian are separated by a massive wall, they are trying to employ The Hoff to come and sing it down.

C.G.B. Spender
25-11-2013, 21:56:50
That's from that lord of the Rings book thingy, right?

25-11-2013, 22:02:30
You should know that, jesjes...being Gandalf :D

C.G.B. Spender
25-11-2013, 22:04:27
I'm Ganzalt, not Gandalf

C.G.B. Spender
25-11-2013, 22:06:12
just around the corner. Possibly the Smurf. Nah, that's Holland, not Scotland

Finn Willi (5)
26-11-2013, 12:07:54
All the same to me: cheese, haggis, talking funny...