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24-10-2013, 18:41:16
went with the SO to the megaron moussikis (something like megabuilding of music) to see sheakespear's macbeth.
that was from the national british theater or something.
it was recorded. it was played in a medieval abbey (like a church?) westminster? i'm not sure.
there was branagh(?) and other actors.
it was played in a mega huge screen.

it was the first time i saw a "recorded" theatrical play.
I'd say it's ok, if there is no other way to see it.
it was irritating to have to read the greek subtitles in the bottom of the screen and then watch up and see the actors play.
I missed huge chuncks of theatrical performance like that.

I tried to watch the actors and not the subtitles but then I CANT UNDERSTAND their prononciation and sheakspearian based english is nearly incomprehensible to me.

it was interesting to see a sheakesperean play in its native place.

one phrase that stuck to me (i was constantly shifting between subtitles and watching the actors - the screen was huge)

when macbeth (the assassin king) says: if i bathe my bloodstained hands into poseidon's oceans, would it clean my hands or would the oceans be painted red.



24-10-2013, 19:50:58
The Scottish Play is quite a wild ride.

24-10-2013, 21:48:19
It was the first play I ever remember seeing. I fell in love with Shakespeare when I was about 9 years old.