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18-10-2013, 15:53:10
England are going now, so we can start talking about it.

This is an interesting point of view. Friendlies are bad for your World Ranking


18-10-2013, 16:15:42
The ranking is whacked!

18-10-2013, 16:17:18
What would be a better and more reflective ranking system?

18-10-2013, 16:20:28
I thought the fact that playing friendlies hurt kinda odd.

18-10-2013, 16:26:32

Yeah, sorry. It's a really tough thing to measure and gets tons of abuse, but after many years of MoSe lectures on the subject I see what they are trying to achieve and understand the complexity of the task.

Any alternative system is also bound to have weaknesses you could exploit in a similar way.

And of course, the secret is to play friendlies, but win them, and there are other benefits to playing friendlies against strong opponents that he's ignoring. Like the experience the team gets.