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16-10-2013, 20:13:46
These posts will stop, cause I'm thinking about starting a blog in greek. Apparently my writings are well sought after.
Although I must admit english offers something and greek offers something else.

The impact of death that can have on you.
When a beloved person of mine died (you all know who) I thought the skies would rip open, that massive earthquakes would shake the land. That black clouds would gather and form something of a steel.
Nothing of that happened.
She closed her eyes, she tried to breathe but couldn't, and she was gone.
That's why Camus is so important to m know. The ABSURDITY!

Nothing is heavy anymore.


16-10-2013, 20:15:33
Sorry for your loss :(

16-10-2013, 22:31:47
Thanks :)
She smiles from where she is.
It is a heart shattering loss but it is nature and she found peace after the 6 surgeries.
She was lucky to see her grandson stable and happy with the SO.
Noone thought she'd last so long but she did.
I can't believe that something likethat would exist "kidney shutdown failure". I thought she was out of the woods. But after 80, after 87 the human organism has used up her reserves.

She is happy.
And one thing she tought me, tought all of us, is to go after what you want, full throttle and to disregard things that are superficial

16-10-2013, 22:57:04
Thank you... :)

17-10-2013, 09:19:01
Sorry for your loss Paiktis. :(

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18-10-2013, 11:02:38
What can be better than a long life well lived?

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