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The Mad Monk
19-09-2013, 17:13:21
Civ4 prompted me to read the major texts of its featured religions.

While doing this, I decided to buy all the real books mentioned in SMAC and throw them into the mix: The Nicomachean Ethics, Utopia, Leviathan, and The Critique of Pure Reason, among others.

Then I threw a bunch of others in that seemed to fit.

Instead of reading them one at a time, I read 10-20 pages of a book (taking advantage of natural breaks) before setting it down and picking up the next, round-robin fashion. I figure it will be a couple years before I'm done with them.

Have you done something like this?

19-09-2013, 17:37:54
I might never have found Vernor Vinge or Greg Bear without SMAC. :beer:

Never picked up the heavy stuff due to a game, though.

25-09-2013, 23:44:43
[QUOTE=The Mad Monk;1049955
Have you done something like this?[/QUOTE] No.:smoke:

The Mad Monk
04-03-2015, 02:42:11
Finished Leviathan and Utopia, about halfway through Nicomachean Ethics, About a tenth of the way through Critique, which is also about the percent I understood of what I read in that thick, thick book.

04-03-2015, 05:17:59
Dude! I really admire your determination.
Has it been worth it?
Have you been blinded by flashes of ancient insights?
What cafine products do you use? :coolgrin:

04-03-2015, 09:17:22
WOW, I had missed this thread originally

despite I had always been in general fascinated by hard philosophy, I actually never went beyond summaries of the main works we got to learn in high school.
Fancied once reading some Hegel, and in German too :eek:, but that remained a dream :lol:

Thus SMAC didn't spur me to venture where I hadn't already on my own
it's about two years now I'm already plodding thru The Origin of Species by Darwin!
I keep dropping it and picking it up again, forgetting where I got and read back whole chapters before I realise I had already read those! :lol:

I had tho reaed all of the Michael Ely Trilogy! :D

did not know till know instead about Power of the Mind Worms

I also have read all of the Myst trilogy by Rand Miller :cute:

and as far as I can recall (that was long ago) I found the Myst fiction books more compelling than the SMAC ones...

The Mad Monk
04-03-2015, 15:13:31
Yeah I'd say it's been worth it. Some books are more readable than others. Plutarch and Seneca are fun reads, Cicero is pretty good, Aristotle tends to drag. Epicurus is impressively right and impressively wrong at the same time. I love Voltaire, have to fight my way through Rousseau, greatly enjoy Voltaire's snide remarks on Rousseau.

Flashes of ancient insights?


How's that? :)

My favorite drug is found in coffee, of all kinds, and in copious amounts.

05-03-2015, 04:59:53
Well, I can not agree with Epicurus. Maybe it is my age but death seems real to me whether it is friend, family or my own precious hide. It is a thing that is almost ever- present. IMHO

ps, coffee is my biggest vice now too.