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06-09-2013, 16:37:24
My beloved Grandma left.
She left in the embrace of her children and grandchild.
No amount of love and caring can stop the march of time.

Nature is unforgiving.
I have the SO. I do love her.
Unfortunately for some time that we have been trying, there was no conception. We don't even live together even though we have like 3 houses to choose from. (Weird, huh? )
And there is this difference of wealth.
But she has been a solid rock for me. Always supporting, always caring.
We never had a fight, a serious fight for the years we are together.
We have lived for large amounts of time in each other's house.

There needs to be a decision.
First, I did a fertility check. All is ok.
But it takes two.
There are many solutions.
We are going to see a gynecologist next.
We'll fight this.

And, we have to live together. I resign. Let that be on the rich suburbs.
I will never leave my mother alone though. Always will I visit. Hell, it's one city. Not like different countries.

It does require a leap of faith. I can make it. :)

Close your eyes. Live your life like you do now. You'll be fifty and not have a family.

For the sake of Grandma, my eyes have opened to the pulverization effect of time. I don't want to be an eternal teenager. And I do want kids.
So, science and love will help, I'm sure.

(how did time went by so fast?)

06-09-2013, 17:26:48
Good luck!

06-09-2013, 18:25:55
Thank you :)
When I'm alone the images of Grandma in her bed trying to breathe come flooding in. I moved slightly her head. It never felt so heavy.
She's with angels now. And she IS an angel looking after me, like she has done here on earth.
That's what the SO said. She's an angel now, looking after you :)
She has left full of days, with the love of her family.
If there is a God, I'm sure she is in paradise now. Propably pestering my Grandpa to quit smoking :D
I can't shake these images from my head, but such is the law of nature.
And it hit me, that when a life goes, another should come forward to take its place. To honor all the love and to continue on and on.

06-09-2013, 19:06:11
Aw. Grandmas are awesome. :beer:

Mine will be 95 this Halloween. Wheelchair bound, but still sharp.

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06-09-2013, 21:33:07
I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing. Best wishes for you and your family.

07-09-2013, 09:06:59
All the best, Paiktis!

You know I always give you a hard time about things, but seriously, heartfelt condolences and every hope for the future!:beer: