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04-09-2013, 14:26:43
Human cannonballs have been a feature of circuses for nearly 150 years, but today there are just a handful of performers - and two of them are a married couple.

"We were in love and wanted to do something together. So I thought, 'why not the cannon?'"

Robin Valencia had always known about the cannon. Her uncle - David Smith Snr - heads America's most famous human cannonball family, celebrated for stunts such as being fired across the Mexican border.

So when Robin married Chachi, a trapeze artist, she could see no reason why the couple should not adopt the career.

"You're completely unattached to anything," she says. "You're flying."




04-09-2013, 14:52:25
Just another day at the beach. :D

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Those Mexicans sure are getting desperate - oh wait...:drekkus:

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How to escape the IRS.